Sometimes you just have to take a month off of blogging. Though if I look back at my past years of blogging, it’s looking like I do it once a year. They (whatever blog gods make up the rules) are right when they say you have to make time for life or you won’t have anything to blog about. July definitely gave me a lot to blog about, that’s for sure. Here’s a quick post to say hello to August and share a little bit of what happened while I was gone.

Hello August

we moved into a house!

We sealed the deal on a perfect home for us and I’m still in shock it actually happened. I expected the home buying process to be incredibly stressful and be problem after problem, but really it was almost too easy. I’m pretty sure the only reason it was too easy is because I was anticipating so many issues I was insanely organized and asked a million questions throughout the entire process. I will write a home buying post later, but to sum it up, working with good people makes all the difference.

Our house is three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a two garage I never knew I needed. We have a soon to be fenced in half acre yard and we’re 50 yards away from the start of a paved nature trail. My sister and brother in law’s house is a one mile walk down the nature trail. We’ve been taking walks every evening. And I could live in the kitchen forever. I’m pretty sure I’ve cooked more in the two weeks we’ve moved in that I have in the past two years. And on that note.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 7.39.27 PM

We started a half-assed whole 30

I’m choosing to call it an 80/20 Whole30. Basically we eat Whole30 80% of the time and 20% of the time I eat bread and/or soda. It’s pretty clear an all or nothing diet plan does not work for me. All it does is make me pissed off, hungry and stressed. I did learn a lot from our previous failure and we were desperately in need of a diet change. So far the 80/20 Whole30 has been a great method. I’m losing weight and feeling a lot better. I used the MyFitnessPal app to make sure my 20% doesn’t turn into 40% or involve so many calories I won’t recover. I’ve also been using eMeals and it’s been amazing. I didn’t think I would like it but it’s been great. The app alone is worth the money.

Whole 30 Food

Carl switched floors

He still has the same position but instead of working with cardiac patients it’s more of the hospice type. It’s not the happiest of floors but he is with a phenomenal staff with a great boss. You know what the best part is? HE WORKS DAYS. Yes. That means he’s no longer leaving for work as soon as I get home from my 9-5. We actually go to bed at the same time now and he doesn’t have to stay up all night even on days off to avoid messing up his sleep schedule. He’s finally getting a normal night’s sleep and we actually eat together at normal times. It’s been so wonderful.

  • Oh what a month I would suck at whole 30 so not even going to give it a try

    • Yeah…our 80/20 Whole 30 still didn’t help us make it a month. Our diets have been evolving since we’ve moved. I’d like to think it’s still healthy though haha.


  • Congratulations on your new house!!

    • Thank you! Congrats on the bun in the oven! That’s so incredibly exciting. My husband’s baby fever is burning much higher than mine, but our time is (hopefully) coming soon.

  • congrats on your new home!! 😀 That’s so exciting! 😀 It looks like a great neighborhood to walk your dog. I’ve considered doing whole 30.. but can I do the 90 / 10 version? 10% healthy and 90% unhealthy? haha baby steps right? 😛

    • Thank you! I’m so there with you, our “whole 30” was a rough ride. Our diets have definitely been evolving since moving. I think into a much healthier area…but still questionable haha.

  • Isn’t it so much fun?! We just moved into a house 2 months ago, and it’s so nice setting it up and having a place all your own! Congrats!

    • Thank you! You’re right, it is so much fun! We still have some work left to do, but I don’t even mind haha. It’s just so nice to be moved into a house and be done with apartment living.