// This post was sponsored by Fabric Editions in support of the launch of their new fabric line, Fabric Loft, in Target stores. Yes, TARGET! I was given the material to use for this post but the craft and words are all me. //

It’s Wedding Wednesday! The wedding is less than a month away and it’s time to get all the last minutes tasks out of the way.  That means actually doing all those crafts I thought were great ideas months ago when I had all the time in the world.  The first craft I decided to do was initial bridesmaid totes for my girls. The last thing I want to do is pay 20+ dollars for a tote bag, so I decided personalizing canvas bags myself would be the best route.  Surprisingly, it turned out well. I was even lucky enough to get fabric from Fabric Editions to use.

Initial bridemaid totes supplies


  • Canvas bags
  • Material
  • Stencils (store bought or printed out)
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pen or pencil

First make sure you wash your bags and material, you don’t want to put the two together and then have them shrink weird in the wash.  Once they are washed be sure to iron them as well.

Using your store bought or home made stencils, draw your letters on the back of the material. Be sure to flip your letter backwards to stencil it so it will be facing the right way when you apply it to the bag.

Cut out your letters and arrange on the bag accordingly.  I flipped part of the letter over to apply glue and press it down, then did the same for the rest of the letter. That was the best way to ensure I didn’t apply the letters weird.

Let dry and you are all done! I also added a bow to make it a little more fancy.  I bought several things to go into the bags but in the picture I included the stationary and notebook.

Bridesmaid bag

So is anyone else as pumped as I am that Target is finally starting to sell fabric?! They are doing a small launch in several stores across the country and you can visit their site to find one close to you.  If the fabric is not sold in a Target near you, there is a link to share that you want it in your store.  The more people that say they want the fabric, the faster Target can start adding them.

Here are two of the three lines they have available in the Fabric Loft collection.

MotleyGrouping VogueGrouping

Interested in learning more about Fabric Editions and their other lines? Check their links below!

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