So this past weekend I had a giant to-do list that consisted of mostly blogging related things. Considering Carl had to work this weekend, that’s not an unusual situation. I often try and cram a lot of blogging into the days Carl works, and I also try and accomplish way too much with my blog. I have a genuine, and maybe little bit creepy, love for blogging. I find it incredibly fascinating, creatively liberating and a potential work from home career for me. But as I sat at my desk Monday morning looking at what I didn’t accomplish on my to-do list and what more blogging tasks I wanted to add, a thought crossed my mind.

What if I didn’t blog?

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere just yet, but I put A LOT of time into my blog. I’m constantly writing, refining, photographing, researching, planning, networking, scheduling, learning, the list just goes on and on. It’s hard for me to stop because I really do find all the work entertaining and inspiring. But when I thought about how much time goes into it, I thought about what I could’ve done instead. These are just a few the ideas I had.

If I Weren't Blogging

Actually know what’s happening with the latest shows.

The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Friends, American Horror Story, Scandal, I’ve never seen any of them. Actually, I might have seen one or two episodes of some, but I couldn’t begin to tell you about each one. If I have the tv on, I pick one channel (Comedy Central or HGTV) and stick with it for the background noise. If Carl is there, it’s on sports. There are a select number of shows I know EVERYTHING about (The Office, Scrubs, South Park, Property Brothers) and that’s about it.

Actually exercise.

Before I blogged I actually ran outside. Like, legitimately put on running shoes and sweated. Now, ain’t nobody got time for that. I know, I reeeeeealy should make time for exercise, but I’m focusing on cutting back on fast food right now. Plus, when Carl works, I have a huge to-do list to get done and when he doesn’t work I want to spend all my time hanging out with him. And I know what you’re thinking, but it’s for the best we don’t run together.

Have a different career.

Considering my actuall day job is managing social media and blogging for a company, I think I would have a different career if I wasn’t blogging. Not just because I wouldn’t have had Something Winnderful to have helped me earn that job, but because I would have been focusing on something else. I had a million interests in college. Like, I double majored and double minored and my only regret is I should have taken on more studies. (I know I’m insane.) But I followed my passion, dancing (major number one), and my interest in public relations (major number 2), as well as anthropology and business (my minors). I would have loved to include a foreign language and I still dream of becoming fluent in sign language. At the time of my graduation, I was on track to work with a Peace Corp type program and spend a year travelling across the US working with different nonprofits. There are a million other places I could have ended up, I’m very VERY happy with where I am, but it’s interesting to think all the places I could have gone.

I could potentially cure cancer or solve world hunger.

Honestly, I haven’t ruled out solving world hunger as a blogger. BUT, I didn’t go to med school so I don’t have the skills to cure any form of cancer. The amount of time and thought I put into developing a functioning blog and learning and experimenting with social media is ridiculous. If I had that amount of interest and effort in the medical field, who knows what I could’ve done.

I would own ALL of the animals.

I have a soft spot for animals. In college, I volunteered at our local shelter and spent 3ish years fostering animals. (Fun fact, orphaned kittens are absolutely disgusting. You don’t realize how much cleaning the mom does for them until they don’t have one.) Plus, I grew up on a farm. The only animals I don’t like are spiders, bugs, and geese. If I didn’t blog, I would spend all of my time with animals and inevitably adopt too many.

I’d spend too much money on silly things.

Currently, the only thing I spend too much money on is fast food. Prior to blogging, I would go shopping and care about shoes and such. Over the past few years of trying to rule the internet, I learned about a lot of different lifestyles. I’ve also changed a lot of my priorities. I think I always had a minimalist mentality my whole life, but it’s learning from others since I’ve starting blogging just how I can make those changes in my life.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?


  • Hahaha it’s so easy to get lost in the blog world!

  • I’ve said the exact same thing in terms of animals. I wish I could save them all and have a trillion animals so that I could ensure they were all cared for and lived a happy existence. What we’re doing to this planet and our animals is just so incredibly sad and defeating. 🙁

    I also try and cram as much as I can when my hubby is away for a weekend or working away at a few posts simultaneously to line up some scheduled posts. I have to do more of those, though.
    If you still enjoy watching those tv shows, you can always record them and watch them the next night. I never watch anything live, it’s all pre-recorded. One thing that I do miss, at times, is advertisements for upcoming movie releases.

    I looooooooove blogging too. Like, I’m so proud of what’s been created!! Even my husband spent a bit of time creating logos for me while I was out doing my many pet visits on my working weekend.
    Hope you have a smashing Tuesday!

  • Bekah

    Oh, so true! I always think of all the other things I would do….I’d probably thrift shop too much, and bake more…so does blogging therefore count as budgeting and exercising?? I think yes. Oh, yes…my hubs and I can’t run together either. 😉

  • I think about this all the time. I might even have a life, if I didn’t blog. A girl can dream.