Wondering where I’ve been this past week?  Well just look at the title of this post and there you’ll find the answer.  I’ve pretty much spent these past 7 days ruining my body.  I didn’t realize what I was doing until Sunday/Monday came around and I thought I was dying.  That was when I saw how I pretty much systematically set myself up to die.


How to ruin your body in 7 days


1.  Count non exercise as your exercise.  I know you’re saying, “well duh, if you’re not exercising then you’re not exercising.”  But I’m talking about the sneaky exercising.  A little while ago I wrote how to exercise when you really don’t exercise.  Yes, those things are exercise, but they are not a replacement for ACTUAL exercise.  It would be like taking one college course a semester and expecting to get your degree in 4 years. Yes, the classes count, but it’s not near enough to get you where you want to be.  Same with exercise.  Every little bit counts, but if you’re only doing a little bit you’re really not making that much progress.  I made the mistake of counting non exercise as exercise this week.  It was just so easy to do.  I taught dance classes last week and I counted teaching as my exercise for the day.  I’m teaching dance and conditioning classes, so I’m obviously exercising right?  Wrong, demonstrating something and then having the students do it hardcore is not exercise for me.


2.  Make medical decisions without asking lots of questions and researching lots of information.  I recently made the decision to go on Nexplanon.  Nexplanon is a birth control that involves inserting something the size of a matchstick in your arm and prevents pregnancy for 3 years.  It’s like Mirena only in your arm and not your hoohah.  I will say, I don’t 100% regret my decision yet, but I definitely regret not asking questions beforehand.  I might have been able to avoid this nasty bruise and a lot of discomfort.  I was going to write the whole story but  I think I am going to save it for another post.


Bruise from Naxplanon


3.  Eat lots and lots of McDonald’s.  You know the McDonald’s Monopoly going on right now?  Well, Carl is their exact target market.  He is that guy who goes, “I am only one game piece away from the million dollar prize!! I need to keep getting McDonald’s!”  Saturday I had McDonald’s for every meal.  EVERY MEAL.  He had me set an alarm so we would wake up in time for breakfast.  He researched what food to buy to get the most game pieces.  He made a list of what pieces we need to win each prize.  Granted, we are one away from every single good prize, but there’s a line between a healthy interest in winning and an obsession.  We stuck with the McDonald’s binge until Monday morning and then had to stop.  I felt too sick.  I woke up Sunday not feeling well but stuck with it for the prize.  Now I have no prize, an angry body, and about three extra pounds.  I’m not proud.

McDonald's monopolu Too much McDonald's


4.  Get too little sleep, then sleep too much.  It’s pretty easy to make this mistake.  You spend all week getting up early and going to bed late, and then when the weekend comes you just sleep in as late as you want.  Pretty much sums of what I did this week.  There’s a reason there’s a recommended number of hours to sleep each night.  It’s not the average for the week, it’s for EACH night.  One day I hope to grasp this concept.


I much say I learned a lesson through all this.  There’s a fine line between being lazy and completely destroying your body.  It’s given me some blog inspiration though.  Be on the lookout for How to Recover From a Fast Food Binge and What You Should Ask Your Doctor Before Choosing a Birth Control.


Have you done anything this past week that wasn’t good for you?