I am one of those people who is so into new beginnings.  I’m so into resolutions that I’m always starting a new one.  Who says you can only make goals when a new year begins?  Any old Monday will do.  That said, I love making new year resolutions.  This year is no exception.  I already have so many resolutions it’s not even funny.  Many articles will tell you the best way to achieve a new years resolution is to only make one and have it be super specific.  I don’t necessarily agree with that advice.  First I want to share with you my resolutions and then I’ll tell you how I’m going to achieve all of them.  Bold statement? Yes, but I’m feeling like a badass this year.

How to reach all your goals this year.  Great tips! Tells you how to turn a big goal into something more doable.


  • Pay off debt and save our down payment for a house.
  • Get in shape for my wedding/be healthier in general.
  • Get married!
  • Keep a clean house.
  • Simplify.  Everything.
  • Get the business up and running.
  • Spread more love.
  • Take more pictures.


  • Grow my readership by 20% each month.
  • Post a minimun of 4 times a week.
  • Invest in my blog (classes, sponsorships, ect.).
  • Comment and tweet other bloggers regularly.
  • Offer sponsorships.
  • Make more blogging friends!

Goodness those are a lot of goals for 2014!  I’m sure you don’t believe I can complete them all, that each goal is too big on its own, but I assure you it’s doable.  See, the people who tell you to get super specific with your resolutions are on to something.  It’s a matter of taking the advice and applying is to each goal.

The S.M.A.R.T. method is fantastic for reaching goals.  It simply means making your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.

For each of my resolutions I am applying the SMART goal method.  Every single one is broken down to smaller goals and divided by month.  Take becoming more healthy this year for example.  That goal is way too broad to go anywhere.  Nobody can expect to eat healthy and exercise every day all at once and actually keep at it, so I’ve broken it down using the smart plan.

  • Specific:  To be specific I am going to tackle one unhealthy habit at a time.  First I’m going to cut out fast food and take Gatsby on longer walks.  Once I’ve achieve that I can move to the next habit such as eating more veggies or going to the gym more.
  • Measurable:  My success with keeping with each new habit will measure my success.  How many days I go without fast food measure the success of that goal.
  • Attainable:  Not eating fast food and walking Gatsby longer is not so large that I will give up or feel overwhelmed.  It just enough out of my comfort zone to be challenged but still find success.
  • Relevant:  Choosing smaller goals that will get you to the bigger picture shows relevance.  Not eating fast food eliminate an unhealthy aspect of my life and brings me closer to being healthy and in better shape.
  • Time Bound:  To keep my smaller goals moving forward I’m taking a month or less for each little goal.  I plan to do monthly weekly wishes with The Nectar Collective to keep track of them all.

By taking each goal and breaking into smaller more manageable pieces, they are going to be so much easier to reach.  Those big goals don’t seem so scary anymore now do they!  What resolutions have you made this year?  More importantly, how are you going to accomplish them?