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Since we’ve moved, a lot of things in our daily lives have improved.  I can walk around pantsless.  I can leave trash everywhere (though I clean before bed every night).  I can fill the fridge with whatever I want.  I can also settle into a new morning routine.  I gotta say, as awesome as all those things are, having a new morning routine has been fabulous.

Before we moved I was always stressed and rushed in the morning.  I was that girl putting on her makeup at stop lights.  Fortunately I’ve developed a much better routine that has my morning being, dare I say it, enjoyable.  To be honest, no longer having a 45+ minutes commute has been the biggest influence to my new happier morning.  But there are several other habits I’ve picked up that have had a big part in improving my mornings.  Hopefully some of these can make your mornings easier too.

How to have a less stressful morning

Be honest with how much time you actually need to get ready.  We would all like to be able to get ourselves up and ready to go in 15 minutes or less, but for some of us, that just isn’t going to happen.  Don’t tell yourself you only need five minutes to do your hair when you are consistently taking ten minutes or more.  There’s no shame in taking thirty minutes or even an hour to get ready in the morning.  Just be honest with how much time you take and then make the commitment to getting up at a time that gives you what you need.

Know what the weather will be like.  Nothing is more annoying than walking out the door in the morning and not being prepared for the weather.  Why waste your time straightening your hair if it’s going to rain? Do you really want to wear that cute new dress if it’s going to be chilly and windy? Know what weather you might face and pick an outfit (and hairstyle) that can handle it.

Lay your clothes out the night before.  Picking out your outfit can be the most time consuming part of your morning.  Ever since I started picking out my outfit the night before, my mornings are much easier.  I even go ahead and take the clothes of their hangers and hang them over a towel hook in my bathroom in order they get put on.  It doesn’t take that long and it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning.

Have a quick and standard makeup routine.  I’m just going to be going to work and seeing the same people I saw the day before.  There’s no reason to get fancy with my makeup.  I have a small makeup bag with only the items I need and I’m able to put on my face in five minutes max.

Limit your breakfast options but cover all your bases.  I don’t know about you, but I wake up ready to eat.  Thinking about what to eat in the morning isn’t really worth the time, so I have three different breakfast options.  One option is for if I have 15 minutes to cook something up, the second option is I only have enough time to grab food and go, and my third option is what I have in the fridge at work.  I have eggs and bread to cook up quick if I have the time, then I have fruit and granola bars to grab in a hurry, lastly I have bagels and cream cheese (and sometimes V8) in the work fridge for mornings I have no time.  Doing this gives me a variety of things to eat for breakfast during the week so I don’t get bored, but it also takes the guess work out of what to eat and has me covered no matter how much time I have in the mornings.

I hope at least one of these ideas will help your mornings more enjoyable, or at least less rushed.  If you want to have an even better week, here are some other posts you might be interested in.

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  • I really need to start doing the outfit thing- and I can literally wear whatever I want to work, but sometimes I panic and end up trying on 17 things and being late! Ahh. Great tips!

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  • Ever since I started managing my outfits a night before, things got WAY better. Choosing what to wear at morning, is horribly hard.

  • You are so right, I feel so much better about my day when I’m not rushing around and putting my makeup on in the car (guilty)!

  • Lucky for me, my work uniform is a black top and khaki pants. Wait…I guess that’s unlucky for me.

  • stephanie

    Hi! Found ya through Noors Place. When I was working, I always watched the weather! I hated not having that umbrella!

  • I am guilty of putting my makeup on in the car on the way to work, too. Sometimes it’s just so difficult to get out of a warm bed in the morning. 🙂