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Ok, so I know we’re already a few days into November, but I’m just now realizing it’s a new month and have been caught up in October and all it brought me.  I can’t believe it really is November.  This time last year I had just picked out my wedding dress and was in the middle of having my first wedding related stress over bridesmaid dresses.  Now I’m finally past all that stress and enjoying the married life. I think this November is going have even more surprises than last November.

Hello November

Before I make goals for this month, I want to look back at everything October brought.  I gotta say, October definitely delivered this month.  Here’s what went down:

We moved.

I can’t say it was better than our wedding day, but moving into our new place is definitely in my top ten best days ever.  Going from living with a relative to newlyweds in our own place was magical.  In my opinion, freedom and personal space is being able to walk around your home naked with no consequence.  It’s also having the power to decorate every room exactly the way you dream.

New Apartment Collage

We got a king sized bed.

I’m not sure what I love more, our new apartment or our new king sized bed.  The week we were stuck on a full sized mattress was miserable.  I don’t know how we ever shared it.  As happy as I am to have so much more space, I think Gatsby is even happier.

Gatsby Collage

We took more wedding photos.

How could dressing up in our wedding day outfits again not be fantastic? It was so nice to be able to get more pictures taken without the stress of people waiting.  Plus it was very windy on our wedding day and my dress was crazy hot, so an outdoor shoot in cooler, less windy weather was lovely.  We’ve gotten a sneak peek of a few pictures and I can’t wait to see the rest!

Wedding Collage

I’m gonna pretend I didn’t have goals for October, because they most likely to just get through the move and not lose my mind.  After looking back on October I’m gonna give myself a high five for beasting it.

Goals for November

Take care of myself.  There are a lot of ways I haven’t been taking care of myself.  After spending the past two years completely broke, there are doctor appointments that were never made, unhealthy habits (coughcoughsodaandfastfoodcough) I let continue and just getting by was a much more important goal than doing anything for me.  And while I’ve been feeling creative lately I haven’t been very motivated. I’m hoping taking the time to do what I need to do for myself with bring a spark back into me.

With that said, here’s to a happy November filled with thankfulness and joy!

  • Flora

    Congratulations! Taking care of yourself sounds like a great way to start your marriage.

  • This is adorable! Good luck on your goals this month.

  • oh my gosh that Welcome sign is so cute! I’ve never thought of re-doing wedding pictures after all is said and done..but it’s something I might have to keep in mind!

    • I love our welcome sign! It was the best impulse buy ever haha. I definitely recommend getting wedding pictures done after the day. The last thing you’re going to want to do is stand around for a bunch of posed photos, you’re going to want to eat and spend time with everyone. Definitely keep it in mind when the time comes!

  • You’re new family is the cutest. I’ve actually had several friends who took their wedding photos later also. It’s really a great idea.

    Take care of yourself, guuurl! Once I get health insurance (c’mon November 15th!!!) I will be making about 50 different doctor appointments. We need to make sure we’re healthy now so we’re not falling apart by the time we’re 50!


    • Thank you! Ugh, I don’t blame you. That’s pretty much what I’m doing. Now that we’re under the hospital insurance I’m finally getting all the appointments made for everything I should have done a long time ago. It’s not going to be fun, but at least I’m finally getting stuff taken care of.

  • Such splendid idea to re-do your wedding shoot! I know you’ll have no problem finding the right way to make your lifestyle more ideal. Good luck!