*Insert Justin Timberlake meme here.* It’s May! I can say with 100% certainty that May is my favorite month. It’s that perfect temperature outside where you’re not too hot and not too cold and it’s not raining as much anymore. The winter crankiness and hibernation has finally worn off and the outdoors are ready to be explored. I love it.

It’s also the month we’ll celebrate the biggest day of our lives thus far, our wedding. Honestly, I can believe it’s been a year since our wedding. A lot has happened and changed already. We’ve moved, had medical problems, grown our family. Definitely enough stuff to make the year count. If the first year of marriage is supposed to be the toughest, then I think Carl and I will be just fine. We handled every up and down with the commitment to support each other, and I think as long as we keep that commitment, we’ll stay strong.

I’ll post more about our anniversary as the date gets closer. For today, I’ve decided it’s time to get back onto goal setting on the blog. I haven’t been posting goals over the past few months, but I’m jumping back in and seeing how it goes.


No fast food or soda.

I’m gonna pretend I haven’t made this goal an uncountable number of times. We’re trying hard to save money, so I really need to do this. The only exception to this goal is on Saturday mornings. Carl takes the dogs out while I go get us chicken minis and then we all relax in bed for most of the morning. It’s pretty much the best way to spend Saturday mornings.

Speak with a broker and meet with our realtor.

We’ve started house hunting. It’s about as involved and as stressful as everyone says. We have a realtor and he’s very nice and we’ve been recommended a broker to speak to and get all of our questions answered. It’s going to take a few months and a lot of work, but we should hopefully be homeowners and all moved in just in time for the holidays.

Sew at least once a week.

I’ve mentioned I started a new hobby and I’m in love. We went to Beaufort this past weekend and walked through a quilt show and visited a fabric shop. The shop owner was wonderful and we spent quite a bit of time discussing the current status of arts in the city and the ideas and interest we have for it. I really want to get involved in the arts in Greenville and learn what goes into the planning and development. Beaufort has the potential to be a huge center for so much creativity, but it is in need of the right people to push for it. But anyways, I bought BEAUTIFUL fabric from the shop and I can’t wait to use it. I’m also working on a quilt for Carl and I’s bed, but that’s going to take some time.

What are your goals for the month?


  • I hope you achieve all you want to during the month of May

  • I can’t wait to see what you make from your new pretty fabric! I love a good fabric store.

  • This is my wedding month too! We’re getting hitched the last day in May. So much to do to finish up everything and make it all happen. Congrats on an exciting, yet stressful first year!