Happy November! October went by crazy fast. In August, when Carl got his acceptance letter into nursing school, October 21st seemed so far away. Now he’s over one week in and already feeling the pressure. His schedule now is school Monday through Thursday, then 12 hours shifts at the hospital Friday and Saturday. Needless to say, it’s gonna be a long 18 months. I believe in him though!

Carl starting nursing school is pretty much the biggest thing that happened this past month. We did a little bit of traveling to enjoy the free weekends while we could, but nothing crazy. I was able to try out a few new things that I wanted to share.

Handmade in October


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Vanilla Extract

I typically try to make a large amount of homemade gifts, so I decided to give vanilla extract a try this year. It takes very little effort to prep and about a month to be ready for use.

To make your own:

  • 1 litter of vodka (though you could also use bourbon or rum)
  • Vanilla beans
    • It’s recommended to use 0.8 oz (23 grams/6 beans) per 1 cup (250 ml) 40% alcohol.

Pineapple grown in water

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I’ve been experimenting with regrowing food from scraps. We have space in our yard where we are planning to place a vegetable garden next spring, so I’ve been testing my growing skills here and there. The only one I’ve had any success with is a pineapple. It’s progressed far enough to actually be planted in soil. I was doing well with an onion, but it disappeared after I planted it. I’m pretty sure Mumford ate it.

To grow a pineapple from scraps:

  • Start by twisting the top off the pineapple.
  • Peal off the leaves at the bottom until you’ve revealed a couple layers of roots.
  • Stick the pineapple top in a jar of water just enough for the root layers to be in the water. I used a mason jar and didn’t need to use toothpicks/dowels to hold it up.
  • I placed mine on the window sill and replaced the water weeklyish, just whenever it needed more water to reach the roots.
  • You’ll notice new roots growing like crazy after a week or so. Once they are formed, plant the pineapple in soil.

For The Host

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For The Host

So this one I didn’t make at all, but it’s definitely on my Christmas list. I’ve recently become a little obsessed with cutting boards. I don’t know if it’s because I’m cooking more or because we now have space in our kitchen to actually use a decent cutting board. Either way, I can’t get enough. Ok, I can totally get enough. But I would really love one from For The Host.

What did you make in October?

  • Nice

  • These are awesome! I definitely want to try making my own vanilla extract!