This past month I really dove head first into making a bunch of ish. Something about actually having a house instead of a teeny apartment has made we want to make ALL the things. You name it I probably tried to make it. I sewed, I cooked, I blended, I succeed and I failed. Fortunately I mostly succeeded. I’ve been choosing what to make based on what less-than-eco-friendly item we’re out of and needs replacing. I also based my decision on what things I wanted but don’t want to pay out the booty for. I don’t have photos of everything I made but here’s a quick overview.

HAndmade in August


I made homemade Larabars. And I will never do it again. Not gonna lie, they tasted good and Carl loved them more than actual Larabars. But after I told him he could make them if he wanted more, and what what went into making them, he decided store bought it fine. It didn’t help that my blender couldn’t handle the thickness of the mixture. I also wasn’t any less expensive to buy the ingredients. The only way they would be worth me making again is if I made a much larger batch and used the ingredients in other recipes. But that’s not the case. So now I’m chilling with walnuts in the pantry.

Beauty and Cleaning

This was the biggest category I DIYed. I made wool dryer balls, lavender sugar scrub, and lemon sugar scrub. They are all three winners. My life has significantly improved since buy lavender oil. It just smells so good. The dryer balls are also great. We had been using really cute hedgehog plastic/rubber dryer balls, the but the hedgehog “spikes” were starting to turn blackish. It kind sketch me out. The wool dryer balls are much more safe to use and can be scented with essential oils. (Lavender for the win again.) I may or may not have gone a little crazy with the handmade stuff, so you can see what I impulsively did last weekend.

Wool Dryer Balls

Lavender Sugar Scrub Lemon Scrub


I haven’t written a whole post behind my reasoning, or even mentioned this before now, but I’m giving up buying new clothes for a year. The cost of fast and new fashion has been buzzing lately, particularly thanks to the a new documentary. I don’t buy clothes often, so I don’t really have any excuse to buy new. I recently needed a pair of pants for work and found a nice pair at Plato’s Closet. The only negative was they were straight leg and not skinny. I just feel weird not wearing skinny style pants. So I decided to skip a tutorial and try and sew the pants legs skinny style. I’m pretty proud to say it was a success.

What have you created recently?

  • Can someone please explain to me what wool dryer balls are? Because I don’t know what they are…

    Also, Goodwill is my homegirl.