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So, yet again I planned to post about our Swedish friends visit to America, and I’ve failed.  I got the pictures off my camera at work and emailed them to myself.  I got home to realize I only attached one picture.  ONE PICTURE. And it was of flowers I saw outside.  I was going to use the photo anyway for this post but when I went to edit it I noticed the flowers were fake.  I took pictures of flowers outside…that weren’t real…  Sigh.

Lucky for you guys I read Alli’s post about Ember Grey’s Grateful Heart linkup.  Seeing as I had no post and I’m all about being positive, looks like I’m joining in on the fun!

What are you grateful for

My husband.

This a corny but obvious numero uno.  I mean, we’ve been married almost three months, it’s still reasonable to be cute and gross.  To sum it up quick: I love him, he makes my day sunshiney, the rest of my life is going to much more awesome and exciting because he’s in it.

My dog.

If you’ve read my blog or looked at my Instagram, you’re probably surprised Gatsby wasn’t number one.  He would be but Carl will probably read this at some point and would give me grief about it.  Love you honey!

Carl and Gatsby | Something Winnderful

We can finally pay bills without stress.

These past twoish years Carl and I have scraped by to make ends meet.  We’ve worked multiple jobs, sold plasma, cried, gotten help from parents and stressed to no end.  This past month there finally was an end.  We finally have money going into savings and don’t have to worry if our next paycheck will be enough to cover rent.

I have a job I love.

It took me a long time to finally have a real job.  Since graduating college I’ve had 5 jobs, none of which actually paid my bills.  Now I have a job that pays my bills AND I enjoy it.  I get to craft, blog, film videos, learn things, take vacations, not hide my tattoos and have my boss tell me dying my hair lilac would be a great idea.  It’s AMAZING.  I knew one day everything would be ok, but finally reaching that point is such a gratifying relief.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.02.37 PM.jpg

Sharknado 2 premiered tonight.

I’m not even kidding.  I’m somewhat live tweeting it, that’s how not ashamed I am.  I even downloaded the Sharknado app they just released.  I’m not so into I would invest more the $1 we spent at Redbox to watch the first one, but either way I’m highly entertained.

Sharknado app

Taking the time to remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for does make your heart smile.

What are you grateful for?

  • Jen Mc

    I have a thankful Thursday post going up tomorrow. These are all wonderful things to be grateful for!

  • Karen Elizabeth

    I love that you are grateful for Sharknado 2. That made me giggle 🙂 Also, isn’t life great when you are working at a job that you love?

  • I am grateful for the cute pictures you post of Gatsby. And I am very much looking forward to going to look at your Sharknado 2 Tweets.

  • haha! Laughing about you taking pictures of fake flowers.. that’s totally something I would do! I’m SO glad you linked up!! 🙂 That picture of the three of you- even your dog looks like he is smiling, so cute! I love that you love your job!! You just don’t hear that enough and it always makes me happy knowing someone is doing something they love to do every day. Awesome, lady! Hope to see you next week again for the linkup! XO!

  • I freaking love how terribly fantastic the whole Sharknado thing is. No shame!

  • Hooray for money finally in savings! 🙂 And please, cheese it up and ALWAYS be grateful for your husband for some reason or another!