Hey there everyone! I’m on my honeymoon right now *blush* but the wonderful Kara, of Design Delight has been kind enough to guest post for me. Keep reading for her great post on how to stop being predictable.

Image via Unsplash | Edited by Kara

Every person I know has been there at one time or another. You’re in a creative rut, you’re in a blogging rut, or you’re in a personal rut. Suddenly, you have to force yourself into the projects that used to come naturally. You might feel bored or restless. You’ll definitely feel uninspired. You might pick fights with your boyfriend. Sorry, Keith. Whatever that spark is that keeps you motivated, creative, and inspired, is far away.

Ruts come about for a bunch of different reasons. One of the biggest causes of ruts is boredom. When you’ve been doing the same thing in the same way for too long, you get bored. Your body can go through the actions on auto-pilot. Where do you find inspiration when you’re life is predictable? Change is the space where creativity and inspiration live. When you’re trying new things or mixing up your routine, you’re exposing yourself to change. You’re allowing room for new to occur.

Ruts of predictability always seem to follow periods of awesome. You know what I mean. When you’ve finally hit that perfect sleep/eat/exercise routine, when you’re social life and work life are perfectly balanced, and you have a few blog posts scheduled in advance. Basically, you feel like superwoman because you’ve got it all under control. I feel like I can maintain this idyllic stride for a few weeks before all the sudden my inspiration runs dry. Writing blog posts becomes difficult and takes twice as long, leaving less room for homework and practicing yoga. My balance is thrown out of whack. With a snap of the fingers, the magic is over. Life got too predictable.

I’m not arguing against routine. I think routines are awesome. Routines help us create space for everything that needs to get done. The challenge is to invite change into our routines, in such a way that keeps them fresh and interesting without totally ransacking the balance of our lives. There are surprisingly lots of ways to do that. I live just a few blocks away from a large lake. Keith and I take long walks around it a couple times a week. Just the other day I took a friend around the lake but we walked in the opposite direction. You guys: it was like a totally different lake! I did the same thing that I usually do but in a different way. Seriously, it’s that easy. If you usually listen to music in morning while getting ready, try switching to a podcast. If you usually work at home at your desk, try working on your porch. Try a different coffee shop on your way to work (or even get a different drink.) If you usually work out after work, try waking up early to do it in the morning. You don’t have to overhaul your life to open yourself up to change. Who know where that spark of inspiration could be hiding.

The solution to ruts of predictability is simpler than we imagine. You can invite change into your life without overhauling everything. Small changes to your everyday make space for creativity and inspiration to strike, without sacrificing your healthy balances. How can you tweak your everyday routine to welcome inspiration?

Kara is a dream-chasing creative living in Minneapolis. She writes about finding happiness, challenging yourself, and dreaming big at her creative lifestyle blog, Design Delight. When she’s not blogging, you’ll find Kara working as an assistant merchandiser, napping by the aforementioned lake, or eating more than her fair share of pizza (probably while watching The New Girl.) You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • I love this post. I’ve been finding myself in a rut lately. Doing the same routine can get boring. this is a great reminder to mix things up. I also need to create a routine for some other things I’ve been meaning to get done. It’s all about balance and moderation.

  • I was in a serious rut when school was in session, but now that I’m out for the summer, I have a lot more free time to get all my freelance work done and make time to hang out with friends and read all the books and magazines I’d neglected during the school semester.

    • I just finished my school semester too (go us!) and having that extra time to do other things, work on projects, and consume interesting media definitely helps get the creative juices flowing!

  • Cj

    I love this. Sometimes I don’t think about predictability being the true cause of a rut. I was in a rut with my meals and decided to mix things up a bit and it immediately made me feel better! I’ll keep the rest of these suggestions in mind!

    • I totally get stuck in food ruts. When something works, I tend to just keep eating it! Mixing it up a little bit makes me so much more excited for my meals.