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I’m just like the rest of you all out there and have a Pinterest board full of inspirational quotes. It’s just one of those things everyone loves. Over the weekend, I was scrolling through my inspirational board and creating some motivating images to share on my Instagram and a thought occurred to me. How inspirational and motivating are these pretty pictures? What point do they serve? Then I finally settled on it.

Inspirational and motivating quotes serve no purpose unless they facilitate an action or needed emotion.

For the several minutes I spent pondering this not that deep of idea, I thought about my tattoo. I have a scripture reference tattooed on my ribcage. It was my first tattoo and I spent years thinking about it to be sure it would be important to me forever. I settled on it because as a teenager I struggled with a very tough period of time (as most teenagers do). One night as I was doing my daily Bible reading, I came across this verse and for the first time felt immediate peace and comfort. From that moment on it has a served as a constant reminder that God is there and I will always have the strength and support I need to make it through tough times. That quote will forever give me peace.

Psalm quote

flower image created by justina blakeney

Now, I know not every reader holds similar beliefs, but the point is the same for everyone. Use the motivational quotes you come across to encourage an emotion or give you strength to follow through with a purpose or goal. Below are some of my favorite pretty pictures with inspiring words. What do they motivate you to do?



Create a plan to reach a goal you have.
sign up to take that class you’ve been interested in.
research the steps you need to take to get to where you want to go.



Give compliments daily.
Compliment yourself daily.
Donate often.
Commit to volunteering once a month.



Book that trip you’ve been wanting to take.
Open a savings account specifically for travel.
Apply for that job you’ve been interested in.

How have you been inspired lately?


  • I have a pinboard for “words to live by” and I regularly visit it to be reminded of some of the wisdom of the internet. What I love the most about them though is that force me to take a moment to think about how I want to live and to check that I am at least trying to live that way (and if I am not to look at what I can change).

    • That’s a great idea! I also revisit my inspirational Pinterest board when I need a boost. It’s great to have the resource and intention to find the inspiration and motivation you need at any point in time.

  • I too have an inspirational quote board. Well, it’s a little bit of that as well as poetry and other things that I just love. However, you’re completely right that they really need to incite an emotion in order to really mean something. Otherwise, they have no impact.

    -Marisa |

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