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Happy Friday everyone! We’re still suffering in kidney stone hell, so I have a guest post today from Allison. Get excited, it’s pretty crafty! Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to find out when our kidney stone adventure is over.

Hey, Something Winnderful readers! I’m Allison from Something Beautiful! One thing you should know about me before we begin is that I am not crafty in the least.  Nope, not at all. Unless I’m in a rare mood, gluesticks, glitter, and all things artistic make me want to run in the opposite direction.

However, the Pinterest bug bit me this Christmas season.  The mason jars, Sharpie mugs, and arm-knitted everythings were just too cute for me to handle and I went a little Pinterest-crazy. However, I’m not regretting those few days where glitter was found everywhere short of the mailbox and there may have been a slight incident involving a rouge gluestick and my hair. In fact, I’m going to share some of the fruits of my labor with you:

I do realize that it is no longer considered the holiday season, but if you’re anything like me, you might have two or twelve thank you cards to still get out to the generous people in your life from Christmas. Or, if you’re ahead of the game, these cards are still perfect for birthdays, other holidays that have music (ummm, 4th of July cards?), and a general “Hey, how ya doing?” card if you customize them to fit the situation.

I sent these cards out last year as well and so many people thanked me for such a personal and creative card! I stuttered out something along the lines of “Thanks for the thanks about the thank you card that I was using to thank you for the gift you gave me,” but that’s besides the point.

What is the point is super easy, super cute DIY cards!

What you’ll need is sheet music, stencils, paint, and glitter if you want to find it in your hair for three days afterwards. I scanned some old sheet music from my mom’s old piano books that for some reason she didn’t want me to destroy.  What’s up with that? I made a few copies with music on the front and the back. . .

. . . and with a swing of the mighty paper slicer, I chopped them in two.

Next, I made some budget stencils.  This might be the most complicated part. Here’s what you have to do: make a Word document with some Clipart, print it off, and then cut them out. Whew.  Then you’ll have to lay down and take a nap after all of that hard work, so include time for that.

For real though, the paper stencils are the trickiest part. When you get to painting the card, if you have a cut out shape that is an actual object and not paper or are able to laminate the stencils, that may work much better. However, although it is sometimes a pain, just the paper did the job for me. I used a variety of Christmas-y stencils because I used my cards as thank yous.


Folding the music in half, I held down my fancy-schmancy stencils and carefully began to paint around them.  Keeping them in one place is essential, which didn’t so much happen for this particular card. So instead of the finished product of this card, I’ll show you one that I actually like!

Here’s the fun part: repeat, customizing each card as you would like it to be! I used different shapes, colors, layouts and occasionally threw in a little glitter.

See what I did with that one? Stars in the sky?

When the covers were good and dry, I painted the insides too! Dots, stripes, and lines were the three patterns that I stuck to because at this point, my creativity was a little limited. I cut some card stock to fit inside the card to write my thank yous on.



My favorite thing about these cards is the sheet music.  There’s just something about sheet music that seems so vintage to me and I can’t explain why.

Some other versions of this card include finding the music to your friend’s favorite song and sending them a card just because.  Or you could wish your mom a happy birthday by sending her the music to a song that you both love. Or if you’re the type that’s in to 4th of July cards (?), by all means! Get to painting the music to “America the Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Whichever way you do it, the recipient of your card is sure to love it!

Swing on by and let me know if you give these cards a try.  I would love to know how they worked for you!

  • Thanks so much for featuring me, Katie!

  • This idea is wonderful! I absolutely love what you did with the sheet music!

    • Thank you! They’re a lot of fun to make, and from what people say, a lot of fun to receive, too!