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You’ve made it to Friday! As I’ve mentioned a million times in previous posts, Carl and I are finally moving to an apartment.  With a new apartment to decorate, I thought I’d start with a simple DIY and recover the top of our file box.  It’s a lovely place to store our important documents, plus it was on sale, but the watercolor top is not for me.  I decided to grab some fabric, glue, and scissors and get to crafting.

DIY Fabric Bin | Easy craft from Something Winnderful

DIY Fabric Covered Storage Bin


Ugly box lid to cover

Fabric (go legit with fabric from a store or cut up an old shirt)

Mod podge

White paint if the design of the box shows through the fabric

Fabric scissors


1. If the pattern will show through the fabric you’ll want to paint your box white.  I used spray paint that I on hand and it dried quickly.  You should also iron your fabric to remove any creases.

2.  Lay your box over the fabric and trace an outline, leaving room for error (I left about two inches).

3.  Cut your fabric.

4.  Starting from the middle, paint some Mod Podge onto the box and place the fabric on top.  Use your fingers to flatten the fabric evenly.

5.  Continue area by area until only the sides are left.  To finish the sides you want to fold the fabric in like you would if you were wrapping a present.  Slowly fold in and cut off excess fabric.  Feel free to take it slow, adding Mod Podge and folding the material down.  The Mod Podge will dry clear, so don’t worry about using too much.

6.  Let dry completely and then you’re good to go!


DIY Fabric Covered Bin | Easy craft from Something Winnderful


  • What a cute idea! I have just set up my desk for school and was thinking it needed to be spruced up a bit. This would look cute even on the little organizing boxes I have. Thanks for the tips

    • Those would look cute! Plus, it’s so much cheaper than buying something new. I hope you give it a try, I’d love to see pictures!

  • Love this! Simple and still cute.

  • Love! I took an old shoe box, painted it and put fabric on the lid to hold my extension cord to hid it! Also mod podge is the best I use it on almost every craft project I do!

  • What a simple idea to make that file box look fancy! I have been wanting to do travel boxes, and I may alter this tutorial to decorate a few different boxes I have. Excited!

    • You should! It was so and so much more cheaper than buying a new box. The fabric I used cost maybe $3 and I already had mod podge.