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So…I cheated on the Whole 30. I’m sure if you read my last post you aren’t incredibly surprised. I feel a little bad, but honestly, not really. I’m not making excuses for cheating, but I will tell you how it all went down and you can feel free to tell me how you would have faired in my situation.

I Cheated On The Whole 30: Why I Don't Feel Bad

It all started over the weekend. Monday is my food prep day, so we spent Saturday and Sunday eating all our leftovers. On Sunday night I packed up the last bit of our leftovers for Carl to eat at work Monday night and moved the meat to the fridge to defrost in preparation for cooking.

As I mentioned in my last post, on Monday Carl called me at work to tell me he was dying and needed to go to the emergency room. This happened around 4:30. It’s important to know I ate a small lunch because I knew I was going to be cooking a lot of food that night. Or so I thought.

I picked him up by 4:45 and started driving him to the nearest hospital, which happens to be the one where he works. He called his boss to tell her he couldn’t come in and she told us to go to a different location because the wait would be significantly less. It was a bit farther away, but we were seen quickly fortunately.

By time 6:00 rolled around we were officially admitted and preparing to be there a decent amount of time. I was not sufficiently fed for this type of endurance. Since we had no idea how long we’d be stuck there, Carl agreed to not judge me for going to grab food. I waited with Carl until he was well medicated and relaxing in a room and left to go grab some food. The hospital wasn’t really located near anything except for McDonalds. Considering Carl was in the hospital and all, I went with what was quickest and grabbed McDonalds. Thankfully I was able to grab food and be back by his side in less than 15 minutes.

I would like to say that was the end of my cheating….but it wasn’t.

We finally were discharged with just enough time to run into CVS and get Carl’s pain medicine. When we got home I got him settled and medicated, then got into bed as quick as I could because I worked in the morning. Tuesday morning Carl was fortunately still alive and I headed to work. Lunch time came around and I had to run to get him another prescription, pick up some other items and make it home with enough time to give him his medicine. I knew he was hungry (and so was I) so I grabbed Chikfila and made it back to work in time for the end of my break.

I took Tuesday evening to prepare a few entrées, but mostly I tolerated cared for a very loopy, drugged up Carl. Our Whole 30 plan seemed back on track on Wednesday, but at lunch time Carl texted me to tell me his pain was getting worse and his medicine wasn’t helping. After 45 minutes on the phone with several nurses/urologist offices, the consensus was I needed to take him back to the ER because the stone could be obstructed. I left work, picked Carl up, and grabbed some Chikfila to prepare for the long haul at the hospital. We were told to go to the main hospital that has around a 2 hour wait to be seen, so we figured we might as well go into it expecting to be there all evening. Fortunately it wasn’t a ridiculously long trip, but we were there longer than anyone would like. Carl ended up get a shot in his booty and his pain medicine dosage doubled.

Now, I know I could have just waited until we left the hospital to get food. I could have picked up something fresh from Trader Joe’s for us. There are quite a few options that didn’t involve cheating on the Whole 30. But to be blunt, my husband was in the hospital and I didn’t give two shits about sticking to some diet.  Taking care of him was my first priority and a drive through was the easiest choice. Maybe by the end of this I’ll be more committed and prepared for super last minute situations, but right now, that just wasn’t going to happen.

Fortunately yesterday evening I was able to take a trip to Sam’s Club and stock up on some groceries. We are officially back on track and recommitted to the Whole 30. I don’t know if we are starting our 30 day count over completely, though I know you’re supposed to if you mess up even a little bit. To be honest, at this point we’re taking it a day at a time. Carl still hasn’t passed his stone and clearly we have no control over what life throws at us. Fingers crossed he passes it soon and nothing crazy happens.

So, would you have cheated?

P.S. If you have no idea what this Whole 30 thing is I’m talking about, read this post.

  • Hi. I’m so sorry you went through such a terrible ordeal during your whole30. I’m sure that’s what a lot of people would have done. I personally could not have as those foods would have given me terrible allergic reactions but I understand why you felt compelled to do so. Unfortunately, yes, you’ll need to start the whole30 all over again. The whole3o is a magnificent plan- not a diet – a plan for health and your body really does need the full 30 days (some go much longer) to eliminate the toxins caused by the foods you avoid and to begin making a change to real health. This is the only way to eliminate the toxins fully and see the difference these foods make to your overall health. My husband and I did our first whole30 last year during lent so ours was more like a whole45 or so. We plan on doing it again this year and am actually looking forward to it. When you start over, might I suggest having a basket or bag of emergency foods you can grab from home or store in your car? Things like a couple cans of tuna? Whole30 approved RX bars? a baggy of mixed nuts? And perhaps you can keep an extra stash of Wholly Guacamole mini containers in the fridge that would be an easy grab? Then it would be easy to grab these things and maybe just grab a salad or something when out to supplement the veggies? I always have such a stash on hand as we are not ever able to eat at fast food places and never know when errands are going to run over or where we will find food when traveling. *HUGS* You tried your best, but yes, you do need to do a restart.

  • You have to be willing to make meal plans like that work around real life, not vice versa. I applaud you for already trying to get back on–I’d probably still be eating chick-fil-a haha. How is your husband doing?

  • I couldn’t do Whole30. I’m not good at prepping enough for the week ahead of time, and I like bread and cheese too much. But, I know that it is probably the best type of “diet” there is since it’s more about changing your lifestyle than an actual diet. But me no likey!

    I hope that Carl starts to feel better soon. Kidney stones are no joke!

  • I hope Carl starts to feel better soon! Screw The Whole 30, gurl. You got to eat somethin!

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