I love the 4th of July. For me, the 4th doesn’t include BBQ’s, beer, or even lots of fireworks, but it does involve a lot of traditions. My family has celebrated the 4th the same way every year and I LOVE it. You can’t beat Christmas traditions, but our 4th of July traditions hold a close second.

The location

Every year our 4th of July celebration happens at the Water Front Park in Beaufort,

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Shopping Small

Carl and I made our way back this past weekend from our yearly trip to Madison, Wisconsin to visit his dad and step siblings. Like all our visits before, it didn’t disappoint. I absolutely love Madison. It gets WAY too cold for me in the winter, but the atmosphere can’t be beat. It’s the perfect town for my inner hippy. Every time we go we visit the unique small shops and taste as much local food as our stomach can bare.

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Hello June

I know we are well into June, but in my defense I did start this post at the beginning of the month. My computer pretty much crushes my soul at this point. Here’s a bit of a run through of our life this past monthish.

We celebrated one year

Carl and I survived a whole year of marriage! Looking back I realize now that I had no concept of the challenges of marriage,

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I had heard he Get Off My Internets before, but I rediscovered it a few weeks ago. I’m pretty ashamed for spending about 3 hours looking through the site. It was mind blowing. On one hand I completely understand the sarcasm, there are some ridiculous things on the internet, but when I went to the forum, I can’t even. Guys, people are mean. But I don’t want to talk about how mean people are over insignificant things.

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Over the weekend Carl and I celebrated our anniversary by doing about a million different awesome things. We slept in late, ate good food, found some amazing vintage finds, and explored Artisphere. I tried to take a lot of pictures of our weekend, but most of the pictures ended up being of Artisphere.

Artisphere is an annual event that happens in downtown Greenville and features the artwork of a variety of artists from across the country.

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