Last week I talked about how  I was able triple my blog’s stats across the board.  Today I wanted to write more specifically about the items on the list.  A business plan wasn’t the first task on my to-do list, but it definitely should have been.  Once I finally completed my plan, I had a complete list of goals and tasks I needed to accomplish to push my blog where I want it to go.  I hope you can use this guideline to help you create a business plan for your blog.  I promise the time it takes is more than worth it.

Edit: After years of working in a cubicle (as a social media and marketing manager), I’ve broken free and am now writing on a separate site. If you want tips for growing your blog and/or business. Head on over to Winn Creative Co.

When I started my business plan I knew I didn’t want to use a traditional template, so I did a bit of searching for more creative business plans.  I would like to say I came across Sarah Von Bargen’s post by accident, but I was spending A LOT of time going through all her old posts.  The creative business plan by Michelle of Bombchelle was the perfect model to base my plan off.  In the end my plan ended up as more of a collection of goals and tasks to do to complete within specific deadlines.

How to make a creative business plan for your blog

Where do you want to be in 5 years

Begin by writing down your ultimate goal for your blog.  Make it big and make it specific.  Don’t just write, “In five years I want to be blogging full-time and making a lot of money.”  That is not specific enough.  I want to be blogging full-time, making ____ amount of money a year by helping _____ do ________ as well as selling/offering ________.

For example:  I want to be blogging full-time and making 50k a year by helping bloggers and small businesses develop their sites by improving their branding, content, and marketing.  I will do so through consultations, ecourses, and ebooks.  That right there is super specific and leaves no questions about your end game.

Where you want to be in 1 year

Think of this section as your first big step to your super big goal. This is where you really lay the foundation for your success.  Think about what skills you need to develop to be able to compete with others in your area.  Does your blog need to grow a bigger following?  Have you established yourself as an expert so people will trust you to teach an ecourse?  Think about the smaller steps that will get yourself to your 5-year goal, which ones need to be accomplished first?

For example:  In one year want to be promoting sponsored posts, launched consulting opportunities, and published one eBook.  (Also include statistic and social media following goals.)

Top 3 priorities for the year

This is where you want to nail down what you really have to do to reach your one-year goal.  This might be to learn a new skill, grow your following, or connect with the right people.  There are probably 100+ things you have to do to reach your goal, but I guarantee there are three super important ones that you much accomplish.

For example: 1) I must grow my blog and social media following.  2)  I must gain experience doing blog consultations and develop packages/products to offer to clients.  I must also continue to cultivate my skills and establish myself as an authority in my area.  3)  To publish an eBook, I must determine a topic, create an outline and produce the product.

Specific plan for 3 months

This is where you get down and dirty with what you gotta do.  You know what you want to complete within the year and you know the top goals to accomplish.  Your plan for 3 months is your first steps to reaching those goals and they need to be super specific.  Specific and attainable are what you’re looking for.  You aren’t going to reach your 1-year goals in 3 months, you just want to focus on putting yourself on the right path.

For example: Let’s take the goal of growing your blog and social media following.  In order to grow a strong following, you need to have a cohesive brand and quality content.  You might spend the first month bringing your design and content up to a higher quality. You may spend the next month focusing on updating your social media and creating a strategy.  These are some of the things you might include in your 3-month plan.  (When I made mine I divided my list 1st month, 2nd month, 3rd month to make it feel less overwhelming and more specific.)  These are some of the things you might include in your list.

  • Review blog’s branding and focus, evaluate if mission is clear.
  • Update all social media sites to represent your brand (changing social media names to be uniform and layouts/designs to reflect blog’s image.)
  • Review blogs old and current content and delete posts that are no longer necessary or update images and formats of quality content.
  • Create social media plan and content.

A little less specific plan for the next 6 months

These are the tasks you intend to accomplish after you’ve completed all your goals in the 3-month plan.  Realize the things on your 3-month list might take longer than 3 months.  They could take longer, or you could knock them out in a month.  The idea is to have a concrete list of the things you must get done to lead you toward your goals.  You plan for the next 6 months is not going to be as concrete.  They are going to be the things you need to accomplish after you’ve finished your 3-month list, and are dependent on the success of the three months.

For example:  In 6 months I plan on launching consulting services through my blog, as well as have a final draft for my eBook.  These are loose goals that depend heavily on your 3 months.  If in those three months you didn’t manage to grow your blog or develop the skills or interest in offering consulting services, you need to revisit those goals and reevaluate your methods.  If you accomplished your three-month goals are you that much closer to your goals for the 6 months and can begin drafting new goals that will get you closer.

Final overview

The main purpose of this business plan is to take your big huge crazy goals and break them down into tasks that are manageable and timely.  Don’t be afraid to change your goals and tasks.  This is a creative business plan and creative people change their mind all the time.  Every so often check your plan and see if you are still going in the direction you want to go. If you find that you aren’t, change things as needed.

Does your blog or business have a plan?


  • Katie, this is such a super smart way to go about creating a blog business plan. Creating a business plan can definitely be overwhelming, which is why I haven’t done one yet (whoops!), but your method of taking your big goal and breaking it down is very approachable.

  • Thank you for this, Katie! Great post and great advice. I think that by breaking down your goals in months/years, you are giving yourself an attainable way to reach them. You will be a great blog consultant. I wish you luck in getting your blog where you want it to be! I am definitely going to creating a business plan for my blog based on the information you provided. Looking forward to reading more and hearing how your goals are coming along 🙂

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Thank you! I appreciate your kind words 🙂 I hope this does help you create a plan for you blog. I got your email and I’m working on a response for you today!

  • This is very smart. I think many people think that bloggers just randomly throw posts together (and I’m sure some bloggers do) but in order to really accomplish everything you want to and be organized you need to have some sort of plan.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I’m glad you like it! I’m guilty of having thrown posts together :/ having a plan has definitely made a huge difference though. I’ve accomplished so much since starting the year off with a plan.

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  • Precisely this weekend I was thinking about my business/blog plan, but I don’t have it this organised. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I hope it helps you out when you’re working on your plan, thanks for stopping by!

  • This is such a helpful post. Thanks for linking up!

  • Jessa

    I love all of these! I will be taking some of these tips into play. You need to have specific goals or else how can you measure if you reached them or not.

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  • Beth

    I’m planning to completely rebrand/restart my blog soon, so this is a great starting point. Thank you for the tips!
    Beth x

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  • TranslucentBrown

    This…this i really needed!! I really need to make a specific plan for myself of where I want to be in 3 months as well as where I’d like to be in a year. Thanks for this!

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  • Meghan Olivia Corinne

    Thank you so much for this! It was exactly what I needed. I kept trying to make a blog/business plan on my own and it was definitely falling short. I just finished it though, using your post as a guideline and I must say I’m feeling pretty confident! Again, thank you!

  • Emily Baker

    I love this article, so helpful and encouraging! Thank you 🙂

  • Judith Krempl

    I will take the tips into play. Thanks for this.

  • fatama

    Love to read this artical..great post…

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