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Happy Hump Day! As I mentioned last week, I’m moving Hump Day Treats to a biweekly schedule. (Find out why here.)  The holidays have shown up out of nowhere, it’s almost like they don’t happen literally the same time every year.  With all the extra traveling and shopping and decorating and eating, finding time to blog is hard.  Finding time to blog and not be completely stressed out by it is even harder.  With the widespread paranoia of potentially losing all your readers if you don’t blog for days or weeks, it’s no surprise we’re all trying to keep up our regular blog schedule throughout the holidays.  Today I wanted to share some tips for how to stay active on your blog and not lose your mind.

How To Blog Through The Holidays

Write down all you holiday commitments and see what type of time you will actually have available to blog.

It’s very easy to overestimate how much time you actually have. Most times of year that’s not a big deal, but the last thing you want during the holidays is extra stress.  When you have your schedule out in the open, you can really see how much you have going on and where you can fit blogging into your schedule.

With your schedule in mind, decide how often you want to post.

Nobody will hate you if you cut back on how often you post each week.  Remember, everybody else is just as busy as you are during the holidays. Going from posting every day to every other day isn’t the end of the world. (And most people probably wont notice.)

Decide if you want to fill in space with guest posters and reach out to other bloggers.

An easy way to take pressure off of producing new content is to have other blogger’s share posts.  You can pick a theme and have several guest bloggers each write their own take on it, or you can give several bloggers free reign and see what they come up with.  If you are food blogger but don’t want to spend a lot of time creating recipe posts, you can have guest bloggers each share their favorite recipe.  It’s a great way to share new content throughout the holidays without putting extra pressure on you.  Just be sure you give bloggers a solid deadline that gives both of you enough time to create and schedule the posts.

Feed off of the content everyone needs this time of year.

Everyone needs ideas for DIY gifts, fast and easy food for entertaining, and cheap quick ways to decorate.  Capitalize on these needs and tackle these topics with your own ideas or curate link posts to inspire.  If you’ve spent all year sharing DIY’s or recipes, curate those into posts for the holidays.

Finally, don’t be hard on yourself.

If you don’t get a single post written over the holidays, it wont be the end of the world.  The holidays are about spending time with our family and appreciating the true meaning of the days. No blog is more important than the people in your life.  Plus, if you’re too busy blogging to spend time with people, you’re going to run out of things to blog about really quickly!

What are your blogging plans for the holidays?

  • Scheduling posts ahead really helps me!

    • Scheduling posts is one of those things I know make blogging life so much easier but I just can’t make it happen. Maybe one day I’ll get it together enough to schedule posts haha.

  • It’s really hard to stick to a decent schedule during holidays. I try to pick themes and post on them whenever I have time, due to a lack of my scheduling abilities (crying emoji added(

    • I’m terrible as scheduling posts too! I have a running list of post ideas and take photos for them randomly, but I rarely have anything scheduled in advance. I just can’t make it happen haha.

  • i love this advice. The holidays can be a time that we are so hard on everything.

  • These are good tips. I began my blog in January 2014 so this is my first Christmas as a blogger!

  • Thanks for the tips! You know what they say ” Fail to plan…plan to fail!” Have a great weekend Katie!

  • Great tips! I’ve been working recently on writing a lot of posts that I can schedule during the month of December to take some of the pressure off myself for writing. I may or may not take a small hiatus, too. I think taking the week off around Christmas is totally fine as a blogger because we all know that’s a big family week. 🙂