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Now that I’ve been blogging for a few months and am starting to see Something Winnderful grow I feel like I’m finally getting a hang of things.  I still don’t tell my friends I blog, but I feel confident enough to call myself a blogger. I wear skinny jeans with a top bun and take my MacBook everywhere.  I’m a real blogger!  There are still some “blogger stereotypes” I don’t fit.  Today I wanted to confess the blogger lifestyle sins I feel I have committed.

Blogging sins I've committed

 I don’t care about the whole pumpkin season that consumes Pinterest.

Gasp! No pumpkin spice latte?! No vegan pumpkin cake with some unheard of ingredient for icing?!  You read that right.  All this pumpkin stuff on Pinterest? No thank you.  You know what I used pumpkin for last?   Stopping Gatsby’s diarrhea. (Helpful tip, a can of 100% pumpkin fixes doggie diarrhea.)  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a personal vendetta against pumpkin, I just don’t understand the whole obsession.

I don’t wear stylish clothes.

You will never find a picture of me in a trendy outfit with perfect hair on this blog.  I mean, I don’t have terrible style, I just don’t spend many days in normal clothes.  Most days I’m in yoga pants and a workout tank.  Go ahead, be jealous.  I’m glad my work clothes are so comfy, but I did have a moment when I realized I’m that person What Not To Wear goes for.  Go grocery shopping in workout wear?!   You betcha. Come at me Stacey.

I don’t have a Starbucks addiction or a coffee addiction of any kind actually. 

(Does my pumpkin spice latte indifference make sense now?)  I’m that person in college who watched a documentary in class and then felt socially responsible to do something.  It was about Starbucks and its crazy pricing that screws over the coffee growers.  Granted, that was several years ago right at the time fair trade coffee was coming around.  I just couldn’t buy Starbucks in good conscience.  Maybe they have changed and are 100% supportive of fair trade, but I just can’t trust a place that charges $5 for a small coffee and can’t even call it a small.  Grande? Venti?  No.  It’s small, medium, and large.  Get it together.

I don’t take my camera everywhere or take frequent pictures of my food.

I’ll be honest.  I do try and take pictures of my food.  But when I do, it’s in a poorly lit room with my crappy iPhone camera.  One day I will remember to take my camera with me and take good quality pictures.   That day is not today.

In what ways do you break the blogger stereotype?

In what ways do embody the blogger lifestyle?


  • I don’t drink coffee at all….and more shockingly–I don’t have a smartphone of any kind, let alone an iphone or ipod. !!!!
    However, I’m constantly typing away at my computer and asking my husband for blog post ideas, so that’s totally bloggerish.

    • katiewinn

      I just have so many mixed feelings about coffee. I will make some at home when the weather is cold, but majority of the time I just don’t want it. I couldn’t live without my smartphone. I hate my attachment to it though and sometimes wish I never made the upgrade.

  • Lauren

    I’m also new to blogland, and I can totally relate! I love this –> “I wear skinny jeans with a top bun and take my macbook every where. I’m a real blogger!” Haha! I have to confess, though, I’m totally addicted to coffee (always was – but I too hate pretty much all things pumpkin flavored) and skinny jeans are never going to work on me! I also don’t post anything blog-related on Facebook, and I’m not on Instagram yet, so I guess we all have our own blogging faux pas! Great read. Glad to have found you!

    • katiewinn

      Thank you for comment! I go through random phases with coffee. If it’s cold out I’ll sometimes make a cup at home just to feel warm, but most of the time I’m too lazy haha. I held out for a long time with Instagram but I honestly like it more than Twitter. My fiance doesn’t have it though, which is good, all he would post is pictures of beer and our dog, and nobody wants to see that haha. Thanks again for reading, I’m glad you can relate!

  • Rachel

    Love this post, Katie! I’m totally with you on the not-being-stylish thing. Sometimes I see these super fashionable bloggers in their photos and my mouth just hangs open; my typical ensemble is jeans/sweatpants and a cardigan.. winner of style awards, I am not!

    Some of my other blogging sins:
    -Almost total lack of graphic design and/or artistic skills. I feel like my ineptitude with Photoshop and graphic design has all but crippled me in the blog world, and I usually don’t have the money to spend on having something designed for me by someone more skilled.
    -Comparing myself and my blog to other blogs/bloggers. It’s a terrible habit, but I’m extremely guilty of it. I know that there will always be blogs that are “better” or prettier or more successful than mine, but sometimes when I see them I can’t help but feel amateurish in comparison.

  • Leanne R

    You are hilarious and I can’t believe it took me this long to find your blog. I am the same as you on some of these! I cracked up when you mentioned Stacey. I think of her ALL the time in regards to my fashion, especially being a mom. I think I try harder than most but you never know what might be making her cringe! 😉 I prefer Dutch Bros coffee which isn’t nationwide but mostly just on the west coast.. they are privately owned and so yummy!

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! I remember when the show first came out and I was like, “I never want to dress that bad.” And now I really couldn’t care less. I put in the effort when I’m running several errands or will be meeting or hanging out with people, but if I’m only going to the grocery store or something, yoga pants are more than fine. Thanks again for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      P.S. I’ll have to give Dutch Bros a try if I’m ever on the west coast!

  • Girl. I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I actually wrote a post similar to this a while ago (, if you want to check it out), and I still feel like that. There are just so many things that I think I will just never quite learn, or that will keep me from being part of what I call the blogging cool kids group. (How silly is that, really? I mean, who decides who’s cool and who isn’t? I’m ridiculous.)

    Anyway, I loved this post. And don’t worry, I don’t hold a single one of these “sins” against you. Especially the pumpkin stuff. I hate pumpkin and I’m already sick of everybody talking about it. 🙂

    • katiewinn

      Hey girl hey, read your post and I’m all over it. One, I’m not Mormon, two, I ain’t never spending more than $10 bucks on a planner. Ten bucks is even pushing it. I’m gonna get my nice little planner from Target and be more than happy. I’ve also only successfully scheduled one post. Also, in college, all these homegirls would wear and own Lilly Pulitzer everything. I’ve never understood it. Some of the accessories are cute, but none of it is worth the money in my opinion. I must say though, I did have jelly shoes and you should consider yourself thankful. All they did was give you blisters. I’m glad I’m not the only one on so many of these things. Thank you for reading!

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  • I’m guilty of a few of these 🙂 I can’t stand the smell muchless the taste of coffee & the only thing pumpkin I like is roasted pumpkin seeds 🙂 Not all that stylish, but when I am, I’m unlikely to take a photo of it to blog! Not to mention my blog has nothing to do with fashion unless I can figure out how to make it into a post re: roadtripping or photography! I always have a camera with me, however (my phone’s primarily), since I am a photographer … but I try not to share food or fitness pics very often on instagram!

    • katiewinn

      Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad to find so many other bloggers share my feelings. BTW I’m all over your blog right now. When it comes to photography I am all up on the struggle bus. I have a nice camera (but not a fancy DSLR) but I’m not very good with it yet. I really need to practice more. I’m loving your tips and resources. Thanks again for reading!

  • I also am not a typical blogger..
    1. Fall is no more important to me than any other season…if anything Christmas is all I wait for.
    2. I don’t like coffee….at all. I don’t like having addictions and I don’t care what you do or add to it the after taste is still gross coffee.
    3. I don’t have a Twitter. **Gasp**
    4. The only time I step into a pair of skinny jeans is when they are covered by cute boots. I have curves and I think skinny jeans make me look way too hippy.

    • katiewinn

      I’m so glad there are so many unstereotypical (non stereotypical?) bloggers out there! Christmas is my jam and I don’t blame you for not having a Twitter. I still don’t quite understand it. I feel like it’s always going to be a mystery to me. Thank you for reading and for your comment!

  • I do take pictures of my food quite often (my fiance is an amazing cook and I also can’t resist a takeaway!) but I pretty much agree with the other things – why is there such a ‘buzz’ about pumpkin?

    • katiewinn

      I don’t blame you for taking pictures of your food! I wish my fiance was an amazing cook, he does pretty well whenever he does cook but unfortunately I’m the one who does the cooking. Thank you for reading!

  • I don’t drink coffee at all! I just don’t like it. And I’m not all that jazzed about fall just yet, although I do love me some pumpkin pie…

    • katiewinn

      I gotta agree with you, I love me some pumpkin pie. Oddly enough I only like the premade ones you’d buy at Walmart. I don’t know why, but I’ll eat a whole one of those over a single piece of homemade pie. Thanks for reading!

      P.S. Love your “5 blog posts I never skip” post, such a good idea!

  • I commit all these sins too! I don’t like coffee, not a huge pumpkin fan, soooo not stylish and am too worried to bring my nice camera anywhere but weddings and showers!

    • katiewinn

      I know right?! I finally got a nicer camera but I don’t trust myself to bring it anywhere.

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  • Am I late to the party? I just found your blog through Codi’s Weekend Reads and I’m so glad I did because I totally commit ALL these sins.
    Where I live there is no fall so no PSL (I only found out what this stands for a few days ago) and I don’t even like pumpkins.
    My idea of stylish is waaay different from the whole lot of ‘stylish’ folks you see a lot. You’ll find me in T-shirt and jeans more than anything 😉
    I’m NOT obsessed with Starbucks OR coffee. I feel like this is such a ‘sin’ because everyone keeps talking about these two things.
    And I just use my phone camera which is more convenient than lugging around a camera and having to remember that I kept it after every time I take it out.
    But, hey, that’s what makes us special, right?

  • Angel

    I don’t do the pumpkin spice latte thing either, although I have made pumpkin soup and muffins. all of my food pics are from my phone to!!

  • i don’t even have a pinterest account. egads!!! and i don’t ever social network. i don’t have a facebook page for my blog or anything like that. more often than not, i dress like a homeless person. which was ok with me, until that kind of became fashionable.

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