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Welp, I’m officially a year older.  If I had a dollar for every old joke Carl made this weekend I could buy myself enough drinks to drown my sorrows.  His day will come.  Overall it was a fun weekend of thrift shopping, eating, and my very first Nascar race.  I must say, I don’t understand Nascar.  High fives for everyone who enjoys it, I just can’t find the enjoyment.  Carl and I did make some great flea market finds that I can’t wait to share with you all later this week!

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Weekly Wishes 9.8

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This week’s wishes

Do the laundry.  Carl had every intention of doing the laundry for me for my birthday, only it didn’t happen.  Oh well.  I had a lovely birthday weekend with him so I can’t complain.  Though I might feel a bit differently when I’m doing the 5 million loads of laundry later this week.

Pack my lunches.  I’m finally sticking to a budget and to keep it up I need to not eat out as much.  It’s difficult because I don’t have a great kitchen set up right now, but I’m making it work.

No Coke.  I’ve been cutting down on soda and have been pretty successful so far.  I cut back from a million a day to one or two.  I think I’m ready to take that number to zero.

What are your goals for the week?


  • I need need need to get better at packing my dinners for work. It sucks eating the leftover rice, beans and queso at 10 o clock at night right before we close the place down. What are your tips?!?!

    • Packing food. Ugh. I almost hate that I put it on my list, it means I actually have to acknowledge my highly likely failure. I’m definitely improving though and gathering tips. I think I’m gonna do a tip post on it soon! (Once I actually figure it out for myself haha.)

  • I want to order my sleeping habits …. very odd sleeping habit and ruined routine

    • A messed up routine/sleeping habit is the absolute worst. It takes way more effort than it should to get back into a routine. Now that I’m working earlier and having a more difficult commute, I need to get to sleep earlier and it’s been tough. Good luck with finding your routine!

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