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Woooo we made it to Friday!  This week went by incredibly fast yet incredibly slow all at the same time.  Is that weird?  I didn’t feel well most of the week and pretty much went to work and came home and didn’t move.  I’ve given up fast food and caffeine so I’m pretty sure my body has gone into shock.  Shhh, body, it will be ok.  

Recently I’ve become more and more into Instagram (pst, follow me!).  I’ve been trying to post more often, but mostly I just love scrolling through my feed.  For some reason, it feels less stalky than Facebook. Today I thought I’d share my favorite Instagram accounts to follow.  You have your favorite Instagrammers to creep on, right? Right?  This is one of those posts where, yet again, you discover if our tastes clash.  Check out some of my favorite photos from their accounts then find their link and short bio below.

Best Instagram accounts for inspiration and humor

Instagram-Happsters Instagram-Tuna




//  @happsters

If you need a little boost of happiness in your day, The Happsters is the way to go.  Every picture they post is motivational and pretty.  (Because pretty matters on Instagram, right?)

//  @tunameltsmyheart

I realize cats own the internet, but this dog does in fact melt my heart.  Maybe you don’t see what I do, but this dog makes me smile and giggle at the same.  Like, pictures of him never get old to me, it’s about as close as I’ll get to loving a dog as much as my own.

// @justineblakenley

I love this account because Justine is so incredibly creative.  Every time I read a list of new innovative things to do with Instagram she’s on it.  I mean, #facethefoliage? Come on.

//  @ispydiy

This account is everything I wish I was.  I don’t know how this girl is constantly surrounded by so many pretty photogenic things, but she is.

//  @instabraid

I’m a big fan of french braids.  I even had my bridesmaids (and me) have a braid somewhere in their hair.  I doubt I could repeat half the hairstyles, but they’re great inspiration.

Who are you favorite Instagrammers?

  • Instagram is my favorite! I’m always looking for new accounts to follow, so thanks for sharing. I’m especially excited for The Happsters!

  • These are great! I always love finding new/fun/creative instagram accounts to follow. New follower here! Looking forward to reading more! Live Inspired, Kristin

  • OMG I’m so excited for the tuna dog one! You have to check out Digbyvanwinkle too. All his hipster dog poses are adorable hilarious.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Totally just follow Digbyvanwinkle. I’ve considered starting an Instagram for Gatsby but I would judge myself too much. I LOVE tuna, he’s so great. I love that she shares tuna artwork from fans, it’s always great.