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I’m gonna go ahead and apologize for being a bit MIA these past couple days.  I promise I have good reason though.  It was my birthday!  Wooooooo!  Well, technically yesterday was my birthday.  This past week I was traveling to visit family and friends and then on Tuesday fall classes started.  So, I’ve been a bit busy.

I don’t know how it happened, but 25 has come out of nowhere.   It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 22 with 100 people all decked out in their best luau wear hammered in a four bedroom apartment. Nowadays, celebrating that hard would probably kill me.  Things are so much different, yet still wonderful.  I’m glad I’ve transitioned from hangovers to getting up early to let Gatsby out.

With all these new life moments happening, I wanted to create a bucket list to kick off my next 25 years.  But then thinking about turning 50 was just too much.  So I moved the deadline to my next big life changing moment.  Babies.  They show up and turn your life upside down, so I made a list of things I want to do before Carl and I tackle that adventure.

Before the baby bucket list: A great list of things to accomplish before having children

1.  Get married!  May 10th, 2014!  Woot! Woot! (Update: We got married!)

2.  Get financially stable.  We’re still in our broke post grad/college student phase.  Carl has a small student loan he needs paid off.

3.  Have a 100% trained dog.  Gatsby is a good dog….but he is still a puppy.  He knows everything he’s supposed to do, he just struggles with doing it consistently.  It will take time but he’ll grow into a well trained dog.

4.  Build a large emergency fund.  Because you should always be prepared.

5.  Take an adventure to the White Water Rafting Center in Charlotte, NC.  I’ve been there before with my siblings and I really want to go with Carl.  It’s so much fun.

6.  Buy a house.  I want this one to happen sooner than later.  If all goes according to plan we will begin the house hunt next summer and have a house either bought or built by Christmas next year.

7.  Go on a road trip.  Carl’s dad lives in Wisconsin so one summer we will road trip our way up there.

8.  Get another tattoo (or two or three).  I’ve got a few in mind but I want to wait until after the wedding so they wont show with my dress. (Update: Got another!)

9.  Get in shape.  This is on top of the list.  It’s happening right now actually.  I’m not in as good of shape as I want to be for our engagement pictures, but I’m getting there.

10.  Endure Black Friday shopping.  This is expected to happen this year.  My brother and I have been interested in doing it, so I think this is the year.

11.  Have a Harry Potter weekend.  I love Harry Potter, and so does ABC family.  I would love to have many many HP weekends over the next few years.

12.  Have a Star Wars weekend.  I let Carl register for the whole DVD set on Bluray.  We both have seen them all but it’s been years.  One weekend we’ll watch them all straight through.

13.  Still be blogging, maybe even making a little money from it.  I have really enjoyed blogging. Switching to my own domain name has been a big leap but I’m very excited to have done so.  I intend to keep blogging and I hope to eventually be able to make some money from it.  I don’t necessarily want to make it a career, but I’m very excited to see where it takes me.

14.  Write a book.  I would love to write a cookbook or a healthy lifestyle book.  I’m hoping for this blog to push me towards that goal.  I would love to have a book in rough draft form and then let it be something I work on when I become a stay at home mom.

15.  Have the business plan for my non profit finished.  I have a non profit I want to start.  However, non profits take money and time to get going.  I need to get financially stable before I can really start working on it, but I want it to be underway before I have children.  Ideally it would be how I transition back into a full time working mom.

16.  Go camping.  Carl has lots of camping equipment from his boy scout years and we keep saying we’re going to use it.  We keep pushing it back though because of Gatsby.  He’s good about staying close to us, but we rather him be fully trained before we take him on a long nature trip.

17.  Learn my way around my new city.  I know how to get to the important places in Greenville, but I really want to know my way around.  I’m looking forward to finally feeling like this is my city.

18.  Buy my parents something wonderful.  They have done so much for me and I want to do something wonderful for them.

19.  Get in the habit of following through with laundry.  I can sort the clothes, wash the clothes, then dry the clothes, but I can’t for the life of me put the clothes back up.  I just, I don’t know, I can’t do it.  It drives Carl crazy.  I should be able to follow through with laundry before I throw in another human’s clothes. (Update: Still a failure.)

20.  Get a hang of budgeting.  I’m pretty good at living off nothing, it’s hard to spend money when you have none.   I want to make sure I can stick to a minimum budget once we really start making money.  We don’t need a lot, so I want to be able to keep that mentality and not let spending get crazy just because we can afford it.

21.  Become less afraid of babies.  I’m not afraid of babies, and I want to be a mom, but the thought of actually having a baby terrifies me.  Like, we went to go see Carl’s cousin in the hospital after having her second child and it was too much.  I know that will change, but right now it’s too real.

22.  Travel overseas.  Carl has a cousin living in Sweden who’s our age and we’ve been invited to go visit him.  We have some time before we go because he is about to become a dad, but it’s definitely something we want to do before we venture into parenthood.

23.  Get a new car.  Carl has an old car with a new engine.  So, it works well, but it’s ugly and not quite up to date on the latest safety features.  It also is a two door.  I doubt he wants to deal with that when it comes to putting in a car seat.

24.  Establish our careers.  We are on our desired career paths, but only about 2 steps down the road.  Carl is still finishing nursing school and I’m still trying to figure out how to make ends meet with dancing as my career.

25.  Take a big trip to Disney.  Because you can’t stay out until midnight and drink once you have babies.  I would like us to take a trip and do all the awesome adult things that are more difficult to do when you have kids with you.  

I think that’s enough to keep us busy for the next few years!  Just thinking about having kids is overwhelming right now, but I’m glad I know what  I want to have accomplished before that time comes.

What do you want to do (or wish you had done) before having children?



  • Keisha

    Oh my gosh, are we twins? I feel like I wrote this. Almost everything was on my Baby Bucket List too!

    • katiewinn

      Haha twinsies! I think several of the things are good for most couples. I’m glad I made this list because once you have kids you can’t go back!

  • What a great list – in particular I like that its not all practical things like buy a house there is some fun in there too