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I’m gonna go ahead and be cliche and ask where in the world the year went.  I mean, how the heck is it already August? I want time to go fast because I have things I’m looking forward too, but this is probably the fastest a year has every gone by for me.  I guess wedding planning, moving, and a new job will do that though.

I had a goal at the beginning of the year to start taking more pictures.  It took until about the middle of July to realize I was failing miserably at that goal.  I finally decided to make taking one picture a day a goal of mine.  We’re currently in Wisconsin for the first week 10 days of the month, so I’m committed to taking pictures on my actual camera and even sharing some on Instagram.  I’ve been pretty good so far.

July in review

Last month’s wishes:

Stay on top of laundry.  Surprisingly, I did pretty well with this.  It never got out of control and I never had too much waiting to be put away.  I feel like this being a success makes July a winner regardless of how my other goals turned out.  (And I don’t just say that because I’m iffy on my other goals.)

Work on my new site 30 minutes a day.  Ehhh, not so much.  I did make some progress though.  This week I plan on make major process.

Work exercise into my routine.  I started taking the stairs at work.  That pretty much sums up my progress on this goal.  Every little bit counts, right?

August wishes

August wishes:

1.  Start posting my blogging related posts solely on  I want to have my posts on that site with the other pages set to private and then do a big launch for my birthday in September. (Psst. Click here if you want to go ahead and follow Katie Winnderful on Bloglovin to keep up with the latest posts to help you pump up your blog.)

2.  Commit to The Whole 30.  My boss is about 20 days into the challenge and she’s been enjoying it. I want to use it as a cleanse to kick off living a whole foods diet.  You can tell from my Instagram photos above that I’m not too great at eating whole foods.

3.  Keep taking daily photos.  I think back to all the times I didn’t take photos and wish I had.  I don’t like asking people to take a picture so I can be in it or asking people to stop for a photo.  Even at my own wedding I didn’t want to inconvenience any with pictures.  I’m committed to taking the time to take a photo and make sure I’m documenting all the moments I want to remember forever.

What will you accomplish this month?


  • TheJessaOlsonBlog

    These are great goals! My biggest goal for this month is Time Management. I’m keeping track of what I do each day and to see where I waste time and be more effective.

  • I am definitely going to try and accomplish being active — not just in exercise but in my every day life. I was so so so so so lazy in July that I’ve gotten a teeny tiny bit behind in…life.

    I can’t wait to see your new Web site! (ps. the link to go to Katie Winnderful on Bloglovin doesn’t link up to Bloglovin.)


  • I need to start the one picture a day thing. And I need to make sure that it’s not a picture of my dog 😛 Because I feel like those are the only pictures that I take.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one only taking photos of my dog!

  • I had a New Year’s resolution of posting one Instagram per day to force myself to find something that made me smile each day – even on the busiest days. Surprisingly, I was really good at this at the beginning of the year when I was in my busiest time at work, but as things slowed down at work late spring and summer, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures more! But I really want to get back into it.

  • I love the daily photo idea! And I cannot wait to see your new site!

  • the daily photo goal is such a good one! I need to work on my photography skills for sure. Good luck with the new site!!