Over the weekend Carl and I celebrated our anniversary by doing about a million different awesome things. We slept in late, ate good food, found some amazing vintage finds, and explored Artisphere. I tried to take a lot of pictures of our weekend, but most of the pictures ended up being of Artisphere.

Artisphere is an annual event that happens in downtown Greenville and features the artwork of a variety of artists from across the country. Each artist has their own booth set up on Main street and displays their artwork for purchase. Mediums include painting, photography, mixed media, metal and more. It was a really fun event. They also have live bands perform, food and beverage booths and live events for adults and children. We missed it last year because we were getting married, but after our visit this year we’ll definitely have to go every year.

Boba Fett Art IMG_0867 IMG_0866 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0863 IMG_0862 IMG_0861 IMG_0860 IMG_0859 IMG_0857 IMG_0855

Which piece is your favorite?*

*Mine is the Star Wars drawing.


  • I just scrolled though the photos and thought wow…………..

  • I love art festivals! The burrow I live in here in Pittsburgh always has a art festival on the main drag and it’s full of awesome photography, sculpture, paintings, and other works of art!