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I’m Katie Winn (hence the name Winnderful) the blogger behind Something Winnderful. I’m a social media master by day, blogger by night, and feisty little ginger all day every day.  What started as a resume booster during my broke postgrad phase has turned into a resource for adventure to a more eco friendly and minimalistic life.

Over the past three years, Something Winnderful has gone from where I share random tidbits, to where I explore positive change. This is my space to share all my happy, occasionally crafty and all around winnderful life. Don’t know where to start? Visit my New Reader page and catch up on the best of Something Winnderful.

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I love hearing what ya’ll have to say, and there are plenty of ways to share your thoughts and opinions.   You can visit my contact page and send me a message directly, email me at somethingwinnderful@gmail.com, or you can hit me up through any of the social media outlets below. If you are a larger business interested in a sponsored post or product review, contact me directly.

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