In my several days of less technology, I’ve embraced a new hobby I’ve been tempted to try for a long time. I’ve mentioned a few times that I do social media for a living. Basically, I do the social media and blogging for a fabric company that designs and produces fabric for large companies such as Hobby Lobby. I manage the social media for all the brands. It’s pretty fun. The office has a large room for sewing and there are quilts hanging everywhere. It’s a fun creative environment.

I came to the job with experience sewing before, but very very basic. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I became a sewer. It turns out the sewing and quilting world is just that, its own world. You know how bloggers have their own lingo, etiquette and celebrities? Well, so does the sewing world. There are some RIDICULOUSLY awesome sewing bloggers out there and I’m becoming quite the fan girl. Carl bought me a sewing machine (plus I now own two vintage sewing machines that I MUST share pictures of soon) and I’ve been cranking out quite a few projects. I don’t have pictures to share just yet, but I thought I would share my favorite sewers and fabric designers with you all today. I’m telling you, sewing and quilting and just for grandma’s anymore.

Bonnie Christine

Bonnie Christine

Her blog Going Home To Roost is beautiful. Pretty much everything about her is beautiful. Her blog design, her fabric designs, her products, her family, herself. Her mom even has a blog and is the cutest mom ever. (Though my mom is the absolute cutest and awesomest ever, of course.) I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Bonnie a few times and had hoped to work with her, however, she is a licensed designer through Art Gallery Fabrics. I need to own all of her fabric. ALL of it. Just look at her display for Quilt Market (a large industry event).

Screen-Shot-2014-10-30-at-1.56.50-PM-570x817 Screen-Shot-2014-10-30-at-2.00.00-PM-570x784

Maureen Cracknell

Everything this woman makes just looks impossible. Like, I look at her work and am just in shock. A pillow she creates in a weekend would take me a year and probably cost me my marriage and sanity. Maybe one day I’ll be talented enough to produce work like her’s, but definitely not yet. She is a limited edition designer for Art Gallery Fabrics and the pieces below use some of her fabrics. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her before she joined Art Gallery and she is an incredibly sweet person.

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*Note that the feather on that pillow was machine stitched by Maureen, it was not already on the fabric.*

Caroline Hulse


This is another super sweet blogger and fabric designer I’ve been lucky enough to work with. She’s very sweet and makes adorable clothes. I’m definitely not to the point of making clothes, but I would definitely use her patterns. She also designers fabric and recently announced she’s expecting! There’s just so much happiness that shows through her blog and all her work.


IMG_2089-copy-1024x682 IMG_2926-1024x682

What new hobby have you tried lately?