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Has anybody else noticed how Bloglovin has done a bit of rebranding? They have a new color scheme (black and white) and they’ve changed the way we save posts. I finally updated the apps on my phone and was a bit shocked when I saw how Bloglovin looked. Maybe now it will function better? It always marks posts I’ve read as unread. Oh well.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs. I have my Bloglovin feed pretty well categorized though I tend to go through all the posts in chronological order without sorting by category. I do have some categories I’m more obsessive about than others. I also have some blogs I’m fairly obsessed with. I figured today I’d share some of my favorites and give you some new blogs to check out this weekend. Note, these blogs are in no particular order, and I chose blogs based on ones I thought many of you might not have heard of yet.

A Peek At My Bloglovin Feed

Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogger Collage

Semi Proper

I’ve probably been following Roo longer than any other blogger in my feed. I feel like we’re BFFs and have so much in common, only she has three kids, is about 4 years older than me and works as a freelance writer. I think I like reading her blog so much because she’s the type of mom and blogger I plan/want to be. Not necessarily topic-wise, but in lifestyle. She works from home (which I plan to do), she has adorable children who are so sweet (which I plan on having), she participates in many charitable causes and shares similar beliefs, and she’s incredibly funny (which I think I am). She blogs about her children’s allergies, her love of pizza and anything else she feels like. She’s one of those bloggers who if I ever actually met them on the street, they would be really creeped out with how much I know about their lives because I’ve been a reader for so long.

The Bloggess

This blogger is not like me at all. She has a sense of humor I completely get but could never pull off. Her dad is a taxidermist and she owns several taxidermied animals. She has a type of humor and language that can be offensive to some, but if it’s a level you enjoy, you are in for a treat.

The Dainty Squid

This is one of the few blogs I’m obsessed with in a sense that I literally read every single post. I won’t read her posts in the app, only when I’m on a computer because I want to see the photos as large as possible. All of her pictures are beautiful and she has a sense of style that I couldn’t dream of owning. Her tattoos are insanely awesome and her apartment decor is quirky. I love that she’s completely covered in tattoos, but there’s no hiding how sweet she is and how adorable her fashion sense is.

Bradley Cowan 

I’ll be honest, I kind of feel like a creeper when it comes to how much I enjoy this blog. I don’t know. It’s not your typical lifestyle blog, most posts read as journal entries from Bradley talking about his daughter. I think I’ve connected to it so much because he reminds me a bit of Carl. It’s disgusting how much Carl loves me and I know he already has so much love in his heart for our future children. Reading Bradley share about how much his wife and daughter mean to him and all the little sweet moments they share always touches my heart. My favorite posts are when he shares the random things his daughter says. The thing I miss most about teaching toddler dance classes is the funny things they would say, so I love being able to peek a little bit into the funny things his daughter says.

Craft/Design blogs

Craft Design Blogs

The Crafted Life

I love The Crafted Life because of the taste in projects. Rachel always shares the greatest DIYs and photography. I don’t think she’s ever posted anything that hasn’t left me inspired. I also like her because her posts are relatable. A Beautiful Mess has great projects, but how many do you read and actually think you’ll ever do? I’ve actually done projects Rachel has shared and I’ve pinned plenty more to try.

Oh Joy

Joy is exactly what I feel when I read her blog. It also just so happens it’s her name. You probably recognize her and her products from the several lines she’s released in Target this past year. She has the sweetest toddler and just had another adorable little girl this past year. She’s a great blogger to follow on Instagram as well. Everything she shares (and wears) is so colorful. It’s hard to not be happy when looking at her blog.

Vintage Revivals

I just recently discovered this blog and am pretty glad I did. If you haven’t noticed so far, I’m a sucker for anything vintage/hipster. She has great taste in decor and style so I’m always pleased when I look at her posts.

SF Girl By Bay

This is another blog that always shares inspiring content. The photography is always on point and the locations and businesses they share are always so appealing. I wish I had all the money in the world to decorate my apartment. Well, first I wish I had a nice house and free range to do all the decorating I want.

Justina Blakeney

I was surprised to find I wasn’t following her blog until recently. I’ve been a longtime follower of Justina on Instagram and absolutely love her style. She’s been popping up all over the place recently and I had to add her to my feed. She just shared her new studio space and it’s everything I wish my guest bedroom/office was.

Blogging & Business Blogs

Blogging Collage

XO Sarah

I know you all have already heard of Sarah, but it would be wrong to not include her. The content she shares is always helpful and she’s incredibly talented. I love that not only is she a blogger/designer but she all does circus performing. If you can’t tell from the previous blogs I’ve listed, I really like tatted, eclectic chicks. (And kids, cute kids always gets me.)

Sarah Von Bargen

I’m sure many of you are following Sarah’s blog, Yes & Yes, but if you aren’t following her small business blog, you’re missing out. She shares great tips and is an amazing resource. I have spent hours reading pages and pages of her archives. Another thing I love is she is very approachable. It might just be me, but people who are ruling the blogging world and are in careers/positions that I want to reach are intimidating. But you can tweet or email her and she will respond every bit as friendly as she sounds in her posts.

By Regina

This is another blogger you’re probably already following, but I had to share her at the slight chance you aren’t yet. If you aren’t, stop what you’re doing and go add her to your feed. And be ready, because you’re gonna be spending the rest of your day (maybe week or more) reading all her posts and buying all her products. I can personally say that all of the content she produces is more than worth the cost. Also, sign up for her newsletter. The amount of free content she gives away is ridiculous.

Kyla Roma

Yet another example of my affinity for tatted chick bloggers. She’s a very sweet blogger who shares blogging tips. She designs amazing sites and offers great classes. I definitely can’t afford to have her design my blog, but the tips she shares are great.

YFS Magazine

This isn’t so much of a blog as it is an online magazine. It’s great for those of you who are really wanting to build an empire. Since I’m somewhat preparing to take over the world and own a million businesses, I love it. It offers business, blogging, startup, management, and pretty much anything else related to starting and running your own business. It is geared towards the younger population (YFS stands for Young, Fabulous, and Self-Employed). It was also started by a young woman, so high five for girl power!

What’s your favorite blog to follow that we might be missing?


  • DT

    For me, Bloglovin still marks the read posts as unread. Let’s see when they fix that..
    Thanks for sharing all those blogs..

  • Amy Oraftik

    DesignLoveFest!!!! I check it religiously. Bri is amazing.

  • Awwww, I just stumbled upon your blog (through twitter) and am so stinken’ flattered to see that super super super sweet little write up on my blog. You rule!!! 😀

  • Thanks for including my blog Katie – you rock!

  • Katie! Thanks for the mention, it means a lot.

  • What a great list of blogs! I read some of them already (and I’ve met Kyla in person and she really is a doll). I can’t wait to check out some of the new-to-me ones!