I had this wonderful update post written Sunday night that shared all the great things going on in Carl and I’s life right now….and then WordPress deleted 50% of it when I went to schedule it. I don’t know what happened, I think it’s because I left it opened so long between sessions that it just couldn’t autosave when I went and wrote the last half. It was pretty upsetting. At that point I figured I should take that as a sign and just go to sleep, the world wouldn’t end if I didn’t post on Monday. So here we are on Tuesday with the completed post, which, to be honest, I think is going to be much more exciting than if I posted it earlier.


Our One Year Anniversary

On May 10th Carl and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We were planning on taking a trip to Harry Potter World, but we’ve postponed it due to other plans. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our wedding. It felt like the planning would never end and here we are (almost) a whole year later. Our first year had a lot of ups and downs as expected, but I wouldn’t call it a “difficult” year by any means. It definitely did teach us a lot about each other and what it takes to keep a happy and healthy relationship.

Yellow and green wedding

House Hunting

We plan on buying a house! We weren’t planning on buying anytime soon, but after doing some research we realized it was not only an affordable option, but would save us money. Fortunately, houses are very affordable in our area and there are many low down payment options available. We would be able to quickly make back what we would put into a down payment by having a mortgage instead of incredibly high rent. We decided to postpone our Harry Potter trip and do some serious saving for the down payment. We’ll start our search over the summer and hopefully be moved in by the end of the year.

Visit From a bestie

Kristin from My Year In The Making visited this past weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN. My sister lives in my city, and Carl has met a lot of great people from work, but pretty much all of my girlfriends are not in Greenville. I’m a homebody so I enjoy staying home all weekend when Carl’s working, but it was so nice to go out shopping and do girl stuff. I finally bought some items to add to my capsule wardrobe that I absolutely love. We went into World Market saying, “I always love going into this store but never buy anything.” About $40 later we completely changed that statement. I left with some great items for our deck. We also went and looked at puppies because we are great at making terrible decisions. I fell in love with a puppy (of course) and I’m a bit obsessed. Gatsby needs a little sister, right?

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.39.17 PM

We got a puppy

Yes! We have a new puppy! She is a sweet little Catahoula mix and we’ve named her Mumford. (We had the name picked before falling in love with a girl dog, I think she can deal with it.) I told Carl about her Sunday night and he said he would go visit her Monday and see what he thought. We have always planned on getting a second dog but never really picked the “best time” to do so. Sunday evening we discussed all the opportunities we would have for a second dog in the future and it looked like now would be the best time. Our finances are ahead of our savings plan, one of us is always home until Carl goes back to school in the fall, and we are in an apartment place with carpet our deposit can pay to replace if needed. I left it up to Carl to decide if he loved the puppy enough to need her.

He went to the shelter at lunch on Monday and spent time playing with her. He asked me if getting me the puppy would be a cop out of an anniversary gift. Psh, puppies are never a cop out, puppies win everything. I came home on my lunch break to a super cute puppy in our home. Gatsby’s mind was blown. He was like “OH MY GOD YOU GOT ME A FRIEND! I HAVE A FRIEND! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!” They are still trying to figure out how to play together (the 100 pound difference is a bit difficult) but they are playing nice and excited to be together.


Gatsby is 100% a mama’s boy and follows me everywhere and has to be in my lap, and it looks like Mumford is gonna be a daddy’s girl. She’s been following Carl everything and super into cuddling him. Gatsby is a very laid back dog, but he does insist that he gets to lay with me. As I sat on the couch, Gatsby pushed his way into my lap and Mumford had to settle for next to me, they were both happy though. Other than that they seem to be getting along well.

18624_10206946643693350_7591509784403416034_n 22317_10206946644613373_5853044310263424456_n

Sprout + Co.

It officially launches on Monday! I was hoping to be ahead of schedule at this point, but I’m a bit behind. I’m gonna push the release date to April 20th because I want it to be absolutely perfect (and Carl wants to do his monthly post this Wednesday haha). If you haven’t signed up, get on it! Also, if you want to contribute to the next issue, be sure to send your pitch ASAP. I already have nearly every space filled with contributed pieces already.

Sprout + Co. // The stylishly eco friendly magazine from Something Winnderful. Dedicated to representing the women interested in living happy, healthy and green lives.

What have you been up to lately?

  • Puppiessssssssssss! Oh my gosh, Mumford is an adorable little sweetie. I just love her coloring. 🙂

    By the way, I checked out some of your wedding pics and after seeing the yellow ranunculus, I actually really quite like them. I love the soft pinks mainly but I love the yellows and especially with all of your colours, it was such a perfect flower. Love your dress, too. I love the slight accentuation of colour under your butt, looks like a different shade of lace or something. Reminds me a lot of my dress. 🙂

    Happy Tuesday, I hope it’s a good one for you.