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It has been a few weeks since I’ve shared some blogging tips, so today I thought I’d share about my favorite social media outlet, Pinterest.  Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It conveniently organizes all your hopes and dreams AND as the potential to drive enormous amounts of traffic to your blog.  But in order to have a million followers repinning your blog posts, you need to have a profile worth following.

Edit: After years of working in a cubicle (as a social media and marketing manager), I’ve broken free and am now writing on a separate site. If you want tips for growing your blog and/or business. Head on over to Winn Creative Co.

6 Tips for a badass Pinterest profile

Your profile

Fill out your whole profile.  This is like your elevator pitch.  A person can tell so much about you by what you’ve pinned they can probably decided if they would be your friend or not. So if you’ve included a bio that includes the fact you have a blog (and they like your pins), why wouldn’t they want to check it out?

Verify your site and add your social media sites. How will people find your blog and other social media if it’s not on your profile? Plus, verifying your website on Pinterest allows you to receive analytics. For me, it was very difficult to get it verified and I have no idea how I managed to do so, however I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s had issues. Also, if you’re site is not self hosted (ends in or then you wont be able to get it verified. Boo.

Your boards

Use SEO friendly titles and choose intentional cover photos.  Think about what people will search for on Pinterest.  Are they likely to search for “Desserts” or “Unhealthy But Delicious Munchies”?  Keep the user in mind.  Also, cover photos matter.  If the board photo isn’t appealing, they’re more likely to skip it over.  Choose an appealing photo that describes the content of the board.  If you want to get super OCD coordinated like me, you can color coordinate your boards.

Order matters.  If a person wants to follow your dessert board, they probably want to follow your appetizer, entree, and breakfast board as well.  If they are all spread out on your page, they probably aren’t going to waste their time looking for it.  Place the boards that are most descriptive of your brand In the first few spots then group the rest according to theme.

Your pins

Know where the pin leads.  Have you ever pinned a recipe you were super excited to make, only to realize the pin leads to a spam site or doesn’t even include the recipe?  You always want to make sure you’re pinning something reputable.  While checking the link of every pin might not be practical, you should at least check links for pins that link to necessary content.

Only pin things you like and use descriptions that are appropriate.  You know you’ve repinned something and thought, “I hope people don’t think I actually wrote that description.” You don’t have to change the caption of every pin, but make sure it’s nothing ridiculous and at least somewhat descriptive of the content.  Also, make sure you pin things you actually like, not what you think others will like.  Pinterest is the perfect place to express the image of your brand, if you pin things you don’t like, you’re not giving your audience an accurate description of your blog.


Pin often and thoughtfully.  I like to take ten minutes or so throughout the day to pin on a specific topic.  If you only pin random types of pins, it’s less likely people will notice you.  But if you pin a few home pins in a row, a person who likes them might notice they are all from you and go follow your home related boards.  At the same time, don’t go overboard and pin a million pins of a single subject.  We’ve all had that person who blew up our Pinterest feed with ish you don’t care about.  Don’t be that person.  That person gets unfollowed.

Are these tips going to help you grow your Pinterest? I hope so! If you want more blogging tips, you can follow my new, soon-to-launch, blogging site on Bloglovin.  You know what’s even better than that? Signing up for the Katie Winnderful newsletter! Sign up and receive 5 Things I Did To Triple My Blog Views + tips to implement the actions on your own site right in your inbox.

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  • How do you mange to organize your boards? I have tried to arrange them so many times and they always end up getting reshuffled! 🙁

    • Stacia, I’ve found that I have to check on mine once a week and sometimes reorder them or change the cover photo back and then eventually they behave 😉

  • I love your order matters point! I organize my boards like a crazy person. Not only does it feel organized and make me happy, but it makes things easier for people to find!