Hey everyone! It’s Carl here for my monthly post. Sorry for last week. The excitement of work, as well as our friend Kristin coming up made me forget I had a post to do. Anyway as you may or may not know we got another dog. A gorgeous Catahoula mix we named Mumford (it’s a girl). I’ve never been one to come up with pet names till after you see the pet and get a feel for their personality, but I have to say this is twice now we have already known the name before we even saw them and they fit them perfect. It truly is wild.

Anyway, I figured that I would make this post about methods to push through being tired, as I am pretty darn good at it. (Ask Katie how little I am able to sleep, although not intentional.) Sometimes you just have a tired day. (Or maybe you’re like me and work the night shift while trying to maintain and normal life schedule.) Life isn’t going to slow down or stop for you to take a nap, so here are a few tips that I have picked up that help me power through exhaustion.

Little Sleep

Find your energy drink.

There are plenty out there it’s just a matter of finding the one that best suits you. I prefer the Monster Rehab, which are noncarbonated and not so sugary so it doesn’t sit heavy. If energy drinks aren’t for you I would try a fitness water, I prefer Bai5. I normally get a 16oz can and drink half at once and then the other half a few hours later.

Break up your tasks.

This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised. Don’t judge me but I saw an episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and she said that when you do a task just count for ten seconds because you can do anything for ten seconds. Although this is silly there is some truth to that, except maybe make it more like 10 or 30 minutes instead of seconds. I also think of a task that’s more difficult and takes longer than the one I currently have to do to put it into perspective that it really is going to be okay.


This seems silly but if you’re someone like Katie who works in a cubicle or sitting down for eight hours, even sitting still can be exhausting (btw, I know you don’t sit on your butt all day Pookie, only 3/4’s of it). Take 5 minutes to yourself and do some squats, get that blood pumping, go the water fountain, ladies go to the bathroom to “powder your noses” and do some jumping jacks while you’re in there.


Duh, Carl. I know this is totally obvious, but you would be surprised how may times I have failed at this. Something comes up, you have too much on your mind, whatever. The truth is for some people, like me, there’s just too much on the mind. I suggest a sleeping mask. Your eyes can adjust to the darkness and produces melatonin that can help you feel sleepy. Even just a 30 minute nap instead of reading your silly Divergent or Fifty Shades or whatever will help (trust me your nap will be much more exciting anyway).

Well, there you have it, my methods of powering through tiredness. Hope it was a little helpful, even if the idea isn’t new maybe my approach will help. Do you guys have any ideas or techniques for making it through when you are just exhausted?