Hey everyone! I’m STILL on my honeymoon, yay! Christy of Avoiding Atrophy has been kind enough to write a guest post for me and let me tell you, it’s a good one.  She’s going to share with you 5 things that went wrong at her wedding, because let’s be real, lots of thing go wrong with weddings.  Enjoy!

Hey, friends! My name is Christy, and I usually write over at a blog called Avoiding Atrophy, however, today I’m taking over Something Winnderful because, guys, get this —


So yeah, she’s just a tad bit busy right now, but she loves her readers so much that she decided that she didn’t want to leave them unsupervised. The lovely bride has asked me to step in for the day, so basically, just consider me your babysitter while Mama Katie is gone.


I have to be honest, I’m starting to feel a lot of pressure to make this an impressive post. I mean, when a bride asks you to do something, just so you know, you’re supposed to do it perfectly. Whether that’s holding her bouquet while she kisses her man or writing a killer blog post in her stead, it’s a good idea to perform flawlessly.

So, that being said, I feel it’s best at this time not to take any chances. Let’s start this post off with that which the internet loves most: cats. Here’s the best feline photo I have ever taken:


Introducing my cat, Frasier. I think we can all agree that this is potentially one of the most compelling photos in the history of photography. Still, since it’s for the bride and all, I think we can make it even better…


There. Exquisite.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s focus.

I hope it’s clear that I’m joking when I talk about making things perfect for the bride because if there are two things in this world that definitely don’t go together, it’s Weddings and Perfection. I know of absolutely no one who walked down the aisle thinking, “I did it…I planned the perfect wedding! No stress. No hurt feelings. No weird estranged relatives who I don’t recognize.” That just doesn’t happen. Our girl, Katie, has already alluded to this with the fantastic post she wrote recently titled It’s My Wedding I’ll Cry If I Want To.

I’ll confess that for my wedding, I wasn’t really a star-planner. My husband and I planned a fiesta-themed wedding, and by “planned” I mean that we said, “Hey, what if our wedding was fiesta themed?” and then the week before the big day, we scrambled to buy a bunch of tchotchkes to throw haphazardly on the tables.


And while the decorations actually did end up being the right level of whimsy for our taste, plenty of other things did not go perfectly at our wedding. For instance…

1. While getting ready, I wore a rhinestone-octopus tank top with my bra straps hanging out while scarfing Wheat Thins, and I didn’t think about what this would look like in pictures.313153_1998265548558_568208_n (1)I shared this flattering image in a post on my blog titled “If I Had It To Do All Over: Wedding Planning“. Since then, this picture has been shared all over Pinterest. I dare say, Katie will not be making this same mistake.

2. Our guests didn’t super understand our guest book…

316163_1983465716829_1906217619_nFolks were supposed to use their thumb print to create a little person and write a cute message next to it, but people were like eff that, and instead they did stuff like this:311553_1983202470248_681518303_nClassic.

3. The audio was crazy messed up during our first-dance song…302671_1983498237642_133191621_n…so instead of “If Not For You“, it mostly just sounded like we were dancing to whale sounds.
4. We fed each other cake way too carefully, and ended up with this disgusting picture

303232_1983211670478_461768166_n (1)

5. I literally could NOT stop sweating if my life depended on it.

310462_1983383714779_1259559976_n (1)

Thank God my maid of honor was their to shove a fan up my dress.

All of this barely scratches the surface of the things that went “wrong” on the day of our wedding. I mean, seriously, I could go on, but I don’t want to brag.

Anyway, the reason I shared these things with you is because 1) it’s slightly cathartic for me and 2) I’d like to abolish this idea that weddings are supposed to be somehow more perfect than any other day. Life is a grand mixture of offbeat, awkward, and beautiful moments, and weddings are exactly the same way. Yes, mistakes happen, but for a bride in love, that’s never going to be the focus. My wedding, despite the fact that things that didn’t go as planned, remains in my memory as a day where a ragtag group of friends gathered together for a big, weird, wonderful party to celebrate my husband and me.

And at the end of the day, mistake-riddled or mistake-free, I ended up married — a gift that I cherish every single day.

Now I’d like to speak to the bride, if you don’t mind.

Katie, while I’m sure your wedding will be beautiful, full of your own creative influence, I’m mostly just excited that you’re going to join the marriage club. We don’t have matching jackets or anything in this club, but we do have this very wonderful, strange, and fantastic gift — the gift of love in the face of our flaws. I’m looking forward to hearing about at least one unexpected, imperfect moment that happens on your big day (don’t you worry, it will happen) because I honestly believe that those unpolished moments at weddings are the truest statement of what marriage is actually like. While the dress should be dazzling (and it will be, I’m sure), nothing else is expected of you other than to get up there and say “I DO!” at the right time. Beyond that, everything can just go how it’s going to go. You’re going to love it, I promise.

So if everyone will raise their glasses (whatever glass you happen to have nearby will be fine. Yeah, that coffee mug works, no worries) — here’s to the happy couple! May they live their lives together in beautiful, hilarious, and imperfect wedded bliss.

  • This is amazing. I LOVE how you approached this. Silly and honest and funny and awkward, because that’s how life is, and that’s OK. What a great outlook on wedding mishaps!

  • OH, hahaha, I had such a good laugh reading this! I’m not engaged (yet 🙂 ) but I’m all about the idea that our lives aren’t perfect, so why should our weddings be any different.

  • Hilarious post. Especially number 1. I wore something similar and even my dress looks similar. None of my cake pictures are cute because, well we are eating cake and second I felt really cliche about the whole thing. And my photographer got lost getting to the reception so the beginning of my reception and first dance are a no go for pictures. Still best time ever!

  • Seja Adao

    Raising my coffee mug! (I’m at work) O.O