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Stress seems to be a reoccurring theme on the blog recently, but such is life when your wedding is literally days away.  Today instead of talking about wedding related things, I wanted to talk about stress when it comes to blogging.  With so many blogging tutorials out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  It’s easy to feel like you have to follow ALL the blogging tips immediately and if you don’t you fail.  I just want to let all the new bloggers out there know that it’s ok to not do everything at once.  So stop stressing about these things!

Edit: After years of working in a cubicle (as a social media and marketing manager), I’ve broken free and am now writing on a separate site. If you want tips for growing your blog and/or business. Head on over to Winn Creative Co.

5 Things new bloggers should stop stressing about
Learning how to design your blog

Yes, it’s important to know some basic coding so you can handle some things on your own.  But do you need to know how to build an entire WordPress design from scratch? Hell to the no.  My thoughts on designing are this, if I can’t google it and read how to do it in one <1000 word blog post, I don’t need to know it.  I will gladly pay $50 for a pre-made blog theme for the sake of my sanity and hours of my life.

I do think learning a little bit of coding will be beneficial in the long run. If I were to recommend what coding to know it would be this (all things I learned from Google in less than 10 minutes):

  • bold text
  • center text
  • underline text
  • hyperlink text
  • hyperlink a photo

Commenting on lots of blogs daily

Now, I’m not saying this isn’t important, but there needs to be a certain quality to the comments you leave on other blog posts.  If you don’t have anything to say about a post, don’t say anything.  Commenting takes a lot of time too, it’s important to support other bloggers, but if you’re not taking the time to write for your own blog then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Not to mention if you’re too busy commenting and not having a life you’re quickly going to run out of things to blog about.

Here’s how I try and keep up with commenting.  I have my very few favorites that I comment on more than once or twice a week.  If I come across a post that struck me in some way when I’m reading in the morning, I comment.  Beyond that, I take one day a week or so and visit the linkups I’ve participated in and comment on as many blog posts as I like.  With that method, I’m commenting on several blogs, but I’m not stressing every day about doing so.

Anything relating to social media

Just like commenting, social media is important.  But you don’t have to be on every single form of social media all day every day.  If Twitter is your thing but you don’t understand anything about Facebook, then just stick to Twitter.  Being awesome at one is better than being piss poor on them all.  I recommend creating your profiles on the sites so your name is claimed and then learning bit by bit about each, but really focus on being awesome on one or two sites.

Bloggers that are “better” than you

Comparison is the thief of joy.  It’s great to read other blogs for inspiration, but you can’t let them get you down.  There will always be blogs with more views and comments but there will also be blogs that haven’t learned you don’t want to blast music at your readers as soon as the page loads.  We’re all on a blogging journey and there’s no point in comparing your progress to another blogger’s.  They might have been doing this longer, they may have a degree in design or writing, they may make a living doing social media and they might be BFF’s with a huge blogger that’s supporting them every step of the way, regardless they aren’t you and they aren’t worth worrying about.  Let them inspire you to make improvements or let them leave your mind.  Lastly, I like to sometimes look at the very first posts written by a blogger I admire and see how far they come.  It’s inspiring to see how much they’ve grown yet a great reminder that we all start off clueless.

Posting 5 days a week

Here’s the thing, content IS king, and consistency in posting is important.  However, the only thing worse than inconsistency is crappy content.  Say you stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule..that’s great, but if it’s Thursday night and you don’t have anything ready to post and no ideas to work with, don’t post.  The world will not come to an end and any reader that does go fetal because you didn’t post that day will get over it.  Don’t stress over the missed days.  If you miss a day use it to promote other bloggers.  Schedule some tweets sharing posts you wish you would have written.

If I were to make one suggestion to a new blogger it would be to not forget about the importance of time.  Yes design, content, social media, commenting and consistency are all important, they’re not things you will understand immediately.  But to be quite honest, there are blogs with bad designs, never tweeting or never commenting and still get tons of views and money.  Such is life.  Keep writing and discover what inspires you.  A blog with content that is well written and genuine will get farther than the one with the fancy design.  Just keep writing on and all the other skills will come.

New bloggers, what do you stress about? Veteran bloggers, what would you add to this list?


  • I so needed to read this post today! I’m constantly in a mental state of blog design hell. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ashley Hufford

    I love this! I worry about the comments thing a lot, I’m great about social media, but comments sometimes seem so time consuming!

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I feel you. Commenting on blogs is important, but it’s no fun if you put so much pressure on yourself to constantly be commenting. That’s why I like the taking little breaks to comment throughout the week and not worry about reaching a “comment quota” or anything like that.

  • The commenting thing is a big one. There was a point where I was following so many blogs and felt the need to comment on each one. It took forever. Then I would just comment simple things that didn’t really mean anything. That only lasted about a week though.

  • CJ

    I love your tips here! I finally feel like I am crossing the world from being a newbie blogger to an intermediate blogger, but I still somewhat stress about these things! I definitely stress about commenting. I feel like if I don’t keep an awesome relationship with all the bloggers, then people will stop visiting my site too, and I kind of notice that to be a thing. But with my crazy schedule, it is hard to comment as much as I want! I like your schedule though, and I am going to try to make one of own!!

  • I love this post! I need to be more consistent with the blog. I love all the tips that you have been given.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Thank you! Consistency is definitely hard, it’s important and something to strive for, but not worth comprising your time and other responsibilities sometimes.

  • I love what you said about not stressing about posting 5 days a week! So, so true. Linking over from All Things E today 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  • Thank you! Having just started blogging its so overwhelming!! I want to start out right but its so hard not to get carried away researching all things blogging. Your coding tips were really helpful because I just didn’t even know where to begin 🙂

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I’m glad this post has helped you out! Blogging can be so overwhelming! When I first started blog I would spend hours reading how to posts. Honestly, I still read how to posts, but I’m weird and find them incredibly interesting (probably not a bad thing though considering blogging and social media is my job haha). It’s a lot to learn when you just start out and reading all those how to’s take so much time. Just get to writing and know you’ll figure it out in due time. Blogging is so much more fun if you think about it as a journey as opposed to reaching a certain milestone. Let me know if you need any help!

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  • Linda Thomson

    I’m brand new at this! Its so good to hear that I don’t have to be an expert immediately. Thanks for a very encouraging post.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      You definitely don’t have to be an expert immediately! Or within a year or two or three even! Blogging is a journey (a super fun journey) so there’s no point to stress out about everything. I’m glad this left you feeling encouraged.

  • Thank you so much for this post – there are so many out there (and I know I’ve contributed to them a couple of times) talking about the things you need to do right this very second or blog world will end, but they’re not worth stressing that much over. I’ve been blogging off and on for about five years, and it’s crazy to see what I’ve learned since I first started – a lot of that is just time and experience and reading other blogs, not seeing all the advice in the world and taking every piece of it as it comes.

    Honestly, I think so much of blogging is TIME – time spent writing and reading and learning as you go. Of course there are some things you should do, but it’s not all going to come immediately.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      It’s so funny you talk about the importance of time, I just blogged about it this past week! (I’m behind on answer comments, life got busy so I took my own advice and didn’t stress about it haha.) You learn SO much over time, blogging is such a journey. For me it’s easy to forget the world will NOT come to an end if you miss a blog post or take a week to reply to a comment. I’m so guilty of that. We’ve had internet problems all last week and I only got one post up and I felt like such a failure. I had to remind myself that nothing bad was going to happen. I’m glad you can relate. It’s so nice to realize you’re not the only one!