You know those random moments of intense clarity, when you’re talking and all of a sudden the most powerful thought imaginable pops into your head?  Know what I’m talking about?  I had one of those last night.  It happened when I was bitching talking to Carl about Candy Crush.  I am was convinced the game is out to make me lose.  How does it expect me to beat the level if it keeps placing bombs in areas I can’t get to?  Why shuffle the pieces and put no like colors near the bomb?  WHY DAMNIT?!  That would be when something became painfully clear.  I had crossed the line with Candy Crush.

It was with this moment that I realized I just might need to take a step back from this not so innocent game. In fact, taking a break from technology in general isn’t ever a bad thing.  I felt it was appropriate to kick off the weekend with a list of signs you might need to take a break from your smartphone.

5 Signs you need a break from

1.  You’ve recently had multiple fits of anger about Candy Crush and/or are on a level so high you feel compelled to lie about it.  I shared with you all my conspiracy theory about Candy Crush.  That said, if you read my complaints and felt my pain at any point, you should take this weekend off.  Also, if you’re afraid to tell people what level you’re on, or they give you a funny look if you do, take the weekend off.

2.  You can’t remember the last time you and your significant other did anything that didn’t involve your phones, laptop, or television.  Now, movies nights are a great inexpensive date night, but it’s easy to let your phone or laptop jump in on it too.  Have a movie night with your phones put away, or better yet, get out of the house and do something involved.  Something as simple as going on a picnic and ignoring your phones is a wonderful way to reconnect.

3.  You can tell me everyone you know who is pregnant, engaged, or getting divorced and know those things without having actually been told by a person.  I’ll be real, I know who’s knocked up, I know who got fat after graduation, I know whose kid just got over the flu, and I know it all thanks to Facebook.  If there’s anything you learn from this post, let it be that social media is not real life.  The tiny nuggets of truth you gather online is not worth the mounds of gold you get from spending time with your real life peeps.

4.  You’ve been feeling sad while or after checking social media.  I repeat, social media is not real life.  OMG her and her boyfriend look so happy together!  Newsflash, ten minutes after that picture was taking they probably got in a huge fight because he farted in the car and then locked the windows shut.  People aren’t perfect.  Pictures are a second of a person’s 24 hour day.  Looking at everyone’s moments of happiness projected online creates a false sense of perfection, and seeing that all the time really starts to bum a person out.  If you’ve lost perspective of real life, take a break from the internet and go out and experience it.  And don’t Instagram it so people will think your life is perfect.  Just go out and have fun.

5.  You haven’t had some real fresh air in a while.  Fresh air is important and spending time in sunshine really does improve your mood.  If you have been spending a lot of time indoors or haven’t really had free time, use the opportunity to disconnect and get some sunshine.  Winter is coming and the outdoors aren’t going to be as pleasant.  Take the time and soak up the sun while it’s still warm.

How do you know when you need a break?
What do you like to do when you take a technology break?




  • Rachel

    Haha, I love 3 & 4.. I’ve tried to be diligent with keeping my “friends list” strictly limited to people whom I actually consider friends! It boggles my mind when people have 1,000+ “friends” on Facebook.. how on earth does anyone even KNOW that many people?? Also.. being sneak attacked with vehicular flatulence? Been there. Not fun.