I love the 4th of July. For me, the 4th doesn’t include BBQ’s, beer, or even lots of fireworks, but it does involve a lot of traditions. My family has celebrated the 4th the same way every year and I LOVE it. You can’t beat Christmas traditions, but our 4th of July traditions hold a close second.

The location

Every year our 4th of July celebration happens at the Water Front Park in Beaufort, SC. But we don’t venture to the main area, we go to the small patch across the street where the cannons are located. This area is special because it is where my dad proposed to my mom. It became the permanent location for our celebration and it’s most recently become the location for our yearly wedding anniversary photo.
IMG_0217 coastal, waterfront, beaufort, south carolina

Yellow and green wedding


The picnic

We load up a fancy insulated picnic basket on wheels and typically make a stop on the way in for delicious lemonade and/or Maryland’s Fried Chicken. In recent years we’ve upgraded from sitting on a blanket on the grass to a fold out table and chairs. We keep it classy with a table cloth. My dad always makes sure to bring a small flag that fits on the stand he made to serve as our center piece.

coastal, waterfront, beaufort, south carolina

The sight seeing

You would think after 30+ years of picnics we would have seen all there is to see, but we always go looking. Some years we walk but recent years we’ve ridden in the car. (Beaufort gets insanely hot and air conditioning is a must have.) The park is located in downtown historic Beaufort, so we ride around the neighborhood and view the 100+ year old houses. We point out our favorites and see what’s changed. My mom grew up in one of the old houses so we drive by and see how it’s doing. In recent years, a new family moved in and completely remodeled/upgraded it. They painted it an ugly color, but they did a good job of preserving the look.

coastal, waterfront, beaufort, south carolina, historic homes coastal, waterfront, beaufort, south carolina, historic home coastal, waterfront, beaufort, south carolina, historic home, beaufort castle

coastal, waterfront, beaufort, south carolina, historic home

It really doesn’t get any better than these moments. What traditions do you have for the 4th?

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  • Well since I am in Australia I have none, but I do hope all my American friends have great day

  • We always try to cookout! As long as family is around, it’s a great day!

    • I totally agree! My parents shook things up this year and surprised us with a bicycle/car thing to ride around on for our traditional tour. Definitely out of shape, but you’re right, as long as the family is around it’s a great day!

  • That is gorgeous! I’ve never been to SC but would LOVE to go!