Are you lucky enough to have today off work? I am, unfortunately Carl is not. Instead of being super lazy I’m trying to a lot around the house and run several errands so I’m not too stressed for the rest of the week. Carl will be starting nursing school soon and is already working weekends more frequently, so I want to avoid spending our time together doing boring stuff like folding laundry. It’s easy to let a day off work get away from you, so I made a list of to-do’s to try and tackle. It wouldn’t be fun to spend a day off doing ALL of them, but even just a few would make the rest of the week easier.

25 things to do on a day off to make the rest of the week easier

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Eat a breakfast that takes longer than 2 minutest to prepare.
  3. Make some eco friendly changes.
  4. Plan your meals for the week or longer.
  5. Include freezer meals in your meal plan.
  6. Buy groceries for the meals.
  7. Do a bunch of food prepping and freezer meal making.
  8. Clean out your fridge.
  9. Make a donate pile and go through all your closets and drawers. (Here are some great tips to cut out the clutter.)
  10. Run all your errands for the week.
  11. Take a bath. Bubbles optional.
  12. Start one or two of these healthy habits.
  13. Visit your favorite stores and take your time.
  14. Go through your makeup and get rid of what you don’t use and throw away what’s expired.
  15. Make your own laundry detergent. It’ll last for a looooong time.
  16. Volunteer at at a local nonprofit. (Who doesn’t want to visit puppies and kitties?)
  17. Treat someone who doesn’t have the day off. Bring treats to a friend at work or cookies to your local fire department.
  18. Clean out your closet and start a capsule wardrobe.
  19. Take a nap.
  20. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  21. Save your herbs before they go bad.
  22. Make breakfasts to make mornings easier.
  23. Pay bills and set up autopay.
  24. Do all the laundry and change the bed sheets.
  25. Go to bed on time or earlier.

How do you take advantage of a day off?

  • Since I am a mum and nan I rarely get a day off, everyone else might get a day off but I still have to cook and wash and clean even though I am suppose to be having a day off

    • I totally understand. I don’t have children yet, but I already feel any day off slightly hindered due to the daily responsibilities I have to my husband, home and pets. This past week was my birthday and my husband took over the responsibility of laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. and it was quite a relaxing day.

  • I love this list! I tried to do a couple of these yesterday (groceries and meal prep!) but I definitely could have done more. Great ideas for a long weekend 🙂

  • Your next post should be about freezer meals because no matter when I read about them, they gross me out.

    Make me like them, Katie!

    Also, sleeping in is on my list even when I don’t have off. #restaurantlife