Hey there everyone! You might have noticed things have been getting quieter and quieter over here on the blog.  The truth is I’ve been going through some things I don’t quite want to blast across the internet just yet.  While I’m taking the time to take care of myself, I’ve asked some bloggers to help keep the blog going through the next couple of weeks.  If you’d like to guest post, by all means send me an email or tweet. Seriously, the more the merrier and I could use more people.  I’m super excited because one of my real life besties is posting on the blog today.  Have a good read of her post then hop on over to her blog to show her some love. She’s brand new to blogging and deserve lots of love.

Hey guys! My name is Kristin. I blog over at My Year In The Making. I’m subbing in for Katie today because she’s busy catching up on important grown up things. 🙂

To a lot of people, the month of November makes them think about what they’re grateful for. Family, friends, health. The big things that keep us going every day. But what about the little things?

I find myself saying “it’s the little things” a lot every day. Because it really is. The things that can make you smile even when you’re sad or stressed about something big. I truly believe recognizing what these “little things” are is a huge factor in staying happy even through stressful times. So I wanted to make a list of eleven things that get me through the best and the worst days.

11 Things that make me smile-Kristin

1: Pointless emoji texts from my mom:

My mother and I talk all day every day. It’s only a little bit pathetic. But when our days get busy or we just don’t really have anything to say to each other, we have the tendency to send the other a single emoji. It doesn’t matter which one. It’s just a way to say “I’m thinking about you.”

2: On a similar note, silly texts from my boyfriend:

My boyfriend Edward is not a texter. He just isn’t. I am very much a texter and it took me a while to realize that when he text’s “K” it has a very different meaning than when I text “K.” But every so often he’ll surprise me with silly responses to my questions via text. And I love those moments.

3: When people spell my name right:

I included this on a list I posted on my blog a few days ago, but it bears repeating: If you spell my name right—or at least ASK me how it’s spelled before writing it down— you are instantly my favorite person. It can seriously make my day.

4: Freshly painted nails:

Have you ever gotten a fresh coat of paint on your fingers and thought, “I could probably take over the world with these babies.”? It’s because when your nails look awesome, you too are awesome. Don’t believe me? Try it. I bet you’ll be contemplating world domination within 7-10 minutes (Or at least 3-5 business days.)

5: When I have to dig around in the dryer for a specific article of clothing and find it right away:

If this happens to me I know that I am  truly have the best day out of anyone in the entire universe. Especially if this article of clothing is black. I know I could avoid this issue by taking my things out of the dryer and folding them…but that’s a story for a different day.

6: Catching my cat doing something stupid:

They think they’re so stealthy and intelligent. Psh. I’ll pretend I didn’t see you just fall off the counter, but just know I’m on to you. (I just looked up from my laptop screen to see my cat George staring at me from across the room. He knows.)

7: Catching my boyfriend doing something stupid:

Again, he thinks he’s so stealthy. “Did you just walk into the screen door?” “No.” “Are you sure…?” He gets so many moments to pick on me because I am a clumsy mess. I live for the moments I get to do the same.

8: When I’m panicking about having to switch lanes in heavy traffic but then a giant gap appears:

Don’t you love when this happens? “Oh no…Oh no I’m gonna miss my exit…I’m gonna miss my exit and I’m gonna have to go to the NEXT exit and then I’m gonna be late and fail at life…oh. Look at that gap. I’m not gonna miss my exit!” No? Only me. Okay. Cool.

9: Doing something awkward or embarrassing but no one seeing it:

I trip over my own (giant) feet. A lot. And I walk into things. A lot. And every so often when I do one of these two things, no one is around to see it.

10: When my little sister asks me for advice:

Even if she doesn’t come to me and say “I’m asking for advice,” when she tells me about something going on in her life that I can weigh in on, it makes me feel all squishy inside. Growing up her ultimate goal was to be the opposite of me. But now that we’re older, she isn’t always so bent on being the Anti-Kristin. (Emphasis on the “she doens’t always.” She still thinks she’s too cool for me. Hint: She’s right.)

11: When I’m stressing over something stupid and I remember that there are bigger things to worry about:

I wanted to save this one for last because I think it just ties all of these together. We all have busy and stressful lives. And sometimes it’s really hard to remember that all the little stressors aren’t the end of the world. My favorite little thing is the little voice that pops into my head (the good one, not the other voices) that reminds me that no matter how stressed I get, it is not the end of the world.

These are my “Little Things.” What are yours?