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I think I’ve mentioned it enough over the past few weeks that my word of the year is “less”. Our first adventure with less had nothing to do with decluttering, but more so with diet. It was a questionable success, but you live and you learn. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’ve definitely been cutting down on items we own and exploring how to live with less. There are several items that immediately pop out as being excessive as well as a few things I had never thought of before.

10 Things To Get Rid Of Today // Literal things, not just stereotypical things like negativity and guilt


Duh. I think when people start clearing out their homes, the first place they go is the closet. There’re only seven days in a week, and I’m pretty sure you don’t go through your entire wardrobe and only do laundry once of a month. Do the hanger test and see what clothes you wear and what you don’t. Fun fact, I secretly did this to Carl to prove a point. I hung the clothes he wore differently than the ones he didn’t. After a month or so it becomes clear what clothes are your favorites. (And why you don’t need a million shirts coughCarlcough.)


It’s amazing how many towels accumulate. I think it’s one of those items ‘you can always use more of’, but really, do you need that many towels? Donate some to your local animal shelter, or cut them up to replace another item later on this list.

Cooking items

This is another item that accumulates. Going from one small kitchen to no kitchen, to one with adequate (yet still small) storage has shown me that I really don’t need that many cooking items. I mean, how many pots and pans can you really fit on top of a stove at once anyways? Plus, more dishes means more to wash.


This is one area where I don’t need to do any purging….but I have seen some terrifying Tupperware drawers in my life. I’m crazy about keeping our Tupperware drawer insanely organized. We have just enough to store what we need and nothing more. How many container do you have? Better yet, how many do you have with easy to find lids?


T-shirts are one of those free bonus items everyone loves, but never uses. I have so many shirts from college it’s shameful. I have t-shirts for dorms I never lived in and events I never attended. Sure, there’s sentimental attachment to some of them, but a majority were free and you probably didn’t even technically “earn”.

Plastic grocery bags

Stop collecting them. I know you think you’ll use them. And yes they do come in handy for small bags of trash and random vomit occurrences, but they aren’t worth the waste. I’ll save you an environmental speech, mostly because I’m just as guilty as the next person, but put some reusable grocery bags in your car and get in the habit of using them.


I’m not here to judge, but I know you have makeup you never wear anymore. A lot of it is probably so old it should never go near your face anyways. Just throw it away. Yes, it’s a beautiful lipstick color and yes it cost you money, but it’s gross now. It’s not worth the germs.

Paper towels

Again, they produce a lot of waste. My biggest thing about them is a kitchen rag works just as well. Not to mention it’s cheaper in the long run. This is where those extra towels come into play (or extra t-shirts). Keep two bins under the sink, one with clean rags and one for dirty ones. Once the dirty bin is full, throw them in the wash and you’re good to go.

Laundry detergent

I haven’t bought real laundry detergent in over two years. I made my own (here’s the recipe) and I’ve never looked back. It took thirty minutes to make and lasted years.

Shoes and accessories

You have too many. I have too many. They’re like t-shirts, you somehow keep accumulating more without ever getting rid of them. I know every person has their “thing” that they like to have a lot of. Carl has a thing for steins. But like every collectible, you have to pick and choose and know when to let go. If shoes or jewelry is your collection of choice, have high taste and a critical eye.

What do you need less of?

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  • T-shirts. Oh my gosh. I forced myself to get rid of 20 of mine and was literally crying and laughing at myself at the same time because of how hard it was to do so. Now that I’m down 20, my drawer is still stuffed and I realize that I still have too many! I’m not sure that I’m quite ready to enter round #2 of that traumatic process yet, though. 🙂

    • Ugh, I’m right there with you. Even after purging so many t-shirts our drawer is still hard to shut. I don’t know why it’s so emotionally hard when I don’t even remember I have some shirts until I’m going through the pile to get rid of some.

  • I really need to do all of this!

  • In Austin, people pretty much judge you if you don’t have a reusable bag. Not only are plastic bags banned for most establishments, but you have to pay ten cents for every paper bag you get at the grocery store.

    • That’s awesome, minus the judging, judging people is bad. We’re pretty bad at remembering reusable shopping bags. I used one the other day and the lady put our items in a plastic bag then put that in the reusable bag. I just don’t understand.

  • This post is so helpful! One of my goals for this month is to get rid of at least one thing every day. Your ideas will definitely give me a place to start if I am stuck any day this month. Thanks!

    • I’m glad it was helpful! Getting rid of one thing every day is a great way to break up the purging process. I was going to give that method a shot, but so far I’ve been doing well in doing major binges every other week or so. I hope this does help you if you find yourself stuck!

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s painfully obsessed with keeping my Tupperware organized. Of course E doesn’t ever want to bother trying to stack it neatly for me, so I spend just as much time reorganizing it after he puts away the dishes.

    • See, Carl rarely puts away the dishes, but fortunately I don’t mind. At our old apartment he put the dishes away once…when we moved I found all sorts of things that I thought I’d lost. He put things away in places I can’t see or reach so I never knew where it was.

  • We actually do use the plastic grocery bags for the litter box. It’s easy to scoop it into 2 plastic bags (2 in case one has a hole in it) and just put it in the trash can. But we do have more bags than we use right now. Usually we just throw them away, or if I remember, we use reuseable bags.

    • Ooh, using them in a litter box is genius! We don’t have a cat purely for the fact I don’t want to clean the litter box. Being in an apartment with a huge dog is enough work for me haha.

  • So many of these things I need to do! I work hard at trying to keep my clutter to a minimum, but I can do better. I’m making myself a list of things to do over spring break.

    We keep our plastic bags for the litter box (as Kristyn does) and we also use them to clean up doggie accidents (our baby is getting older and the accidents are increasing). When we get too many, though, I start putting them in our recycle bin.

    • I’m still working on these too! I’m really bad at remembering reusable grocery bags. We also finally just started recycling. Our apartment doesn’t offer recycling services, but we’ve found where we can take items ourselves. I set up our own little recycling bin in our laundry room and we’re ready to go!

  • pending

    The clothes, shoes, and accessories clutter is a never-ending fight. I actually keep a bin on the floor of my closet so that if I have a moment of “why do I still have this? It needs to go.” I can toss it the ‘donate’ bin immediately instead of letting it hide out. Whenever the bin’s full, I stuff it all in a bag and take off to donate at the local second-hand store.

    …Where I usually buy something, so the cycle can start all over.

    • That’s so smart! I think I’m gonna start keeping a bin in my closet to do the same. I still have a lot of purging to do. One thing that’s helped it I keep a minimum number of hangers, and if I buy something new I have to give up something old. It’s helped me keep my wardrobe to a minimum over the years.

  • Ashley

    Oh, I’m right there with you on the towels! It’s not something you think of, but my goodness they take up a lot of room! I’m all about purging and living minimally! Makes my life much calmer!

  • Usually 3-4 times a year I go through linens and sort towels and sheets I can donate to the animal shelter and I canvass people I know for theirs, too.
    My hubby and I transitioned to Paleo last weekend and in doing so, tossed most of our pantry, which led me to wonder why we had ever purchased some of the things we had. Throwing everything out truly opened my eyes.
    I need to go through my makeup this weekend. I know I have a ton I don’t use anymore so what’s the point?
    Great tips! 🙂 Thanks!