Weekly Wishes

October 20, 2014

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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? My weekend was a mix of getting a lot done and not really getting a lot done at all.  I think that means I had the right balance of chore accomplishing and being lazy? I don’t know.  Either way it was nice.  Getting off work every Friday at 2 makes the weekend feel so much longer, mostly because Carl and I can use that afternoon to get all the errands done that would typically be left for Saturday.  Since this weekend was fairly uneventful, I figured I’d just share a picture from my Instagram that pretty much sums everything up.  As you can tell, Gatsby and Carl are enjoying the new king sized bed.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.44.21 PM

Last week’s wishes

Unpack all the boxes. Check! Well, all the boxes are unpacked but not everything is put away.  We’re not used to having so much space so a lot of our stuff needs new homes.  At this point everything is out and ready to be put away, I just have to decide where.

Sew something. Check! I sewed a quilt top for work/me.  I still have to do the other half but I definitely accomplished a lot!

No soda.  Eh.  I mean, I never had more than one a day and I did have days I was soda free.  Unfortunately on soda free days I had headaches.  It’s a struggle.

This week’s wishes

Take Gatsby on longer walks.  Pretty much I’ve just been lazy this past week.  Also, the caffeine headaches haven’t really been motivating.

Catch up on blog reading.  My Bloglovin feed got out of control this past month with the move and no internet issues.  I’ve got it down from 1000+ unread to 200-300 unread.  It needs to get down to zero or I’m gonna lose my mind.

That’s it! I figured I’d have an easy week and relax and settle into the new apartment.  I could make goals to unpack and put everything away, but with how busy these past few months have been, there’s no need to put any pressure on doing something that has no real deadline.





Social Saturday #18 Meet Angie

October 18, 2014

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Happy Saturday everyone! It’s been a busy week, but oh so wonderful.  I’ve had internet the entire time, a big bed to sleep in, a much shorter commute, and I’ve actually been able to blog. I may or may not have even done some crafting.  Say wha?! It you can’t tell from all that, we’re adjusting to our new home just perfectly.

To top off a great week, I have a lovely Social Saturday sponsor to introduce to you! Angie of Chasing My Halo has been hanging out on the sidebar this month and she has been wonderful to chat with. As a fellow ginger with a love for sports and her dog, I knew she was a blogger I could get along with.  I mean, she likes unicorns, how can you not like her?

Angie Chasing My Halo

Tell everyone a little bit about your blog and how it came to be.

Originally I started my blog because I was looking to develop a passion outside of work. Being an author is my dream job, and blogging seemed like a step in that direction. I quickly discovered how much I love blogging in and of itself! It provides so many positives, and helps me savor life a little bit more.

What inspired the name of your blog?

I’m a perfectionist, and used to tease family and friends that because I was named “Angela” I was angelic and practically perfect in every way ;-). I knew that wasn’t true, but it became glaringly obvious the older I got how short I fall! I have become content in my shortcomings, but I still try every day to become better. Better at fitness, relationships, balance, the list goes on. I’m always up for challenges and ways to improve. Hence the name Chasing My Halo was born.

What were you most surprised by after being in the blogging world for several months?

What a large and wonderful community it is! For the most part everybody is so supportive and encouraging. I didn’t even consider new friendships when I started this journey, but that is what has happened!

If you could change the name of your blog, what would you change it to?

Perhaps The Ginger Giraffe? Two traits that have helped define me are my red hair and my height. As a child they were my biggest insecurities, and as an adult they are two of the things I love about myself the most.

How has blogging changed you?

Blogging has changed me in that I follow up on things that I have wanted to do but haven’t got around to. For example I’ve wanted to experiment more in the kitchen, play with photography, and tap into my creative side. Blogging is forcing me to do that in a very good way! It’s feels like I’m accountable to someone other than myself, and I’m adding a lot more zest to my life in the meantime!

What does your husband think of your blog? Does he read it?

To be fair the Hubs isn’t much of a reader, but he does read my posts from time to time. He is very supportive, and doesn’t seem to get annoyed that the word “blog” has infiltrated most of our conversations :). He’s a good sport about taking multiple pictures (that I usually don’t end up using), and above all else he is happy that blogging makes me happy.

What advice would you give to someone looking to make self improvements?

Just keep swimming! There are so many times where you can feel stuck or discouraged, but every day really is a chance to do it better. Opportunities for growth abound, you just have to be brave and tenacious enough to seize them. Failures will happen, probably on a daily basis, but as long as you’re trying you’re doing it right. Give yourself grace!

How do you stay motivated when you are working towards a goal?

Bribery works wonders for me! I will try to set rewards for myself for things that I really want. I also find that small milestones along the way help break it down. For example when I ran the ½ marathon (and I hate running) I signed up for multiple shorter races so I knew I had to keep up with the training.

Do you think you’ll still be blogging ten years from now?

I hope so! I hope that in ten years I will be a lot more tech savvy to go along with my blogging experience :)

If you could pass on only one piece of advice to a person, what would it be? (blogging or life related)

It’s not all about you! When the focus shifts away from yourself, that’s when you can really start living a life of joy. Even in blogging where so much attention is on you, there are ways to draw others in and be an encouragement to them.

Ginger giraffes?! Uhm, I think I need to rename my blog. Only I’m not tall at all.  Oh well.  I love her just keep swimming advice and perspective on self improvement. Take some time to send Angie a hello and get lost for awhile on her blog. Oh! And definitely go like her on Facebook. She just created her page and it could use some loving. :)

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But first, make some blogging buddies for Social Saturday!

Social Saturday

New to Social Saturday? It’s pretty much the rebel of all the link ups.  The purpose is to meet new bloggers and get some blog love, so go right ahead and comment on all the the links if you like, I’m not here to judge.  If you feel compelled to, you can link back to here or share a tweet or something. There’s no harm in spreading the word about this linkup.

My only request is that you link up real posts, not giveaways or only sponsored content. The point is to get know each other’s blogs, not get free promotion for your giveaway or sponsored post.  I understand sometimes those posts need the extra exposure, but just be mindful and don’t take advantage of the linkup.

Social Saturday!

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How To Have A Better Morning.

October 16, 2014

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Since we’ve moved, a lot of things in our daily lives have improved.  I can walk around pantsless.  I can leave trash everywhere (though I clean before bed every night).  I can fill the fridge with whatever I want.  I can also settle into a new morning routine.  I gotta say, as awesome as all those things are, having a new morning routine has been fabulous.

Before we moved I was always stressed and rushed in the morning.  I was that girl putting on her makeup at stop lights.  Fortunately I’ve developed a much better routine that has my morning being, dare I say it, enjoyable.  To be honest, no longer having a 45+ minutes commute has been the biggest influence to my new happier morning.  But there are several other habits I’ve picked up that have had a big part in improving my mornings.  Hopefully some of these can make your mornings easier too.

How to have a less stressful morning

Be honest with how much time you actually need to get ready.  We would all like to be able to get ourselves up and ready to go in 15 minutes or less, but for some of us, that just isn’t going to happen.  Don’t tell yourself you only need five minutes to do your hair when you are consistently taking ten minutes or more.  There’s no shame in taking thirty minutes or even an hour to get ready in the morning.  Just be honest with how much time you take and then make the commitment to getting up at a time that gives you what you need.

Know what the weather will be like.  Nothing is more annoying than walking out the door in the morning and not being prepared for the weather.  Why waste your time straightening your hair if it’s going to rain? Do you really want to wear that cute new dress if it’s going to be chilly and windy? Know what weather you might face and pick an outfit (and hairstyle) that can handle it.

Lay your clothes out the night before.  Picking out your outfit can be the most time consuming part of your morning.  Ever since I started picking out my outfit the night before, my mornings are much easier.  I even go ahead and take the clothes of their hangers and hang them over a towel hook in my bathroom in order they get put on.  It doesn’t take that long and it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning.

Have a quick and standard makeup routine.  I’m just going to be going to work and seeing the same people I saw the day before.  There’s no reason to get fancy with my makeup.  I have a small makeup bag with only the items I need and I’m able to put on my face in five minutes max.

Limit your breakfast options but cover all your bases.  I don’t know about you, but I wake up ready to eat.  Thinking about what to eat in the morning isn’t really worth the time, so I have three different breakfast options.  One option is for if I have 15 minutes to cook something up, the second option is I only have enough time to grab food and go, and my third option is what I have in the fridge at work.  I have eggs and bread to cook up quick if I have the time, then I have fruit and granola bars to grab in a hurry, lastly I have bagels and cream cheese (and sometimes V8) in the work fridge for mornings I have no time.  Doing this gives me a variety of things to eat for breakfast during the week so I don’t get bored, but it also takes the guess work out of what to eat and has me covered no matter how much time I have in the mornings.

I hope at least one of these ideas will help your mornings more enjoyable, or at least less rushed.  If you want to have an even better week, here are some other posts you might be interested in.

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Hump Day Treats #7

October 15, 2014

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What a day this Wednesday has been! I intended to finish this post by lunch time, but several unexpected events came up.  My mother was in a car accident this morning. No worries, she’s doing fine, but my dad did not do the best job to ensure us via text that she was ok.  I don’t blame him though, he had a lot going on at the time, not only because of her the accident, but because she works at a fire station and literally the entire department showed up.  I can’t imagine having to deal with that many firefighters there to handle a minor accident. I spent a good two hours thinking my mother might not be hanging in there too well, only to learn she was ok and only went to the hospital to be safe.  In the end, I much rather deal with the stress and have her be ok than have something worse happen.

So I don’t know how your Wednesday went, but after my day I could use some happy links in my life. Enjoy these Hump Day Treats!

Hump day treats

//  The House That Lars Built has started a #crafttherainbow series. It’s pretty much as visually awesome as you would expect. //

Bedroom decor on sfgirlbay

//  We don’t have a headboard, so I’m using this as inspiration to make my own. Via sfgirlbybay. //

//  Everybody wants to make money blogging.  Here’s why you should keep at it, even if you never make a dollar.

//  I love following craft bloggers in Instagram, everything they post is a million times more interesting than anything in my life.  Here’s a list of 10 crafters to follow and spice up your Instagram feed.

//  I’m not the biggest cat person, but this touched my heart.

//  This comedian looks so much like Aaron Rodgers it’s terrifying.

//  I’m making my very first quilt for the blog at work and it’s actually not as difficult as I expected.  This is the quilt pattern I’m using and it’s been pretty easy to follow.