Hump Day Treats #9

October 29, 2014

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Happy Hump Day! So, I’ve been doing some thinking.  I’m going to move Hump Day Treats to a bi-weekly schedule.  I don’t have the time to peruse blog world as much as I used to and I find myself hurrying every Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning…ok evening) trying to find stellar posts to share.  I also feel like my posts are getting too repetitive.  I already have Social Saturdays every Saturday and I like to do Weekly Wishes of some sort on Mondays.  Preparing another recurring series takes time and doesn’t provide a lot of solid new content to the blog. I want to make time for fresher posts.

With that off my chest, it’s time for some lovely links to brighten your day!

Fall Inspired Table from Design Love Fest // Hump Day Treats #9

 //  Fall Inspired Table from Design Love Fest //

//  Get ready to be jealous.

//  Sadly, as females most of us wont be surprised by this video, but a male friend of mine shared this on Facebook and was shocked and horrified.

//  Endless Bliss is on a roll, free image sources.

//  We’re trying to have a gallery wall in our second bedroom, this post makes me slightly less stressed about the design process.

//  Dancers and couples that have been married a million years, my heart feels everything.


Weekly Wishes #?

October 27, 2014

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Hello everyone! How’s your Monday going so far? I’m writing this Sunday night, but I’m going to go ahead and bet that I’m a bit tired this morning and wishing I’d gone to bed earlier.  This weekend was one of those weekends you’re not entirely sure actually happened.  It seemed to go on for forever but was never really spent relaxing.  Friday we ran errands and Carl bought something he’s been wanting for years, and Saturday we took more wedding photos and attended a house warming party.  Sunday’s been spent cleaning up the mess we made the past few days, and I don’t know about you, but cleaning is not relaxing.

To kick off weekly wishes I wanted to share a sneak peak of our shoot from Saturday. Fun fact, our photographer was just voted best wedding photographer in Greenville! Isn’t that awesome?! It’s even more awesome because he’s really just a friend of ours who’s been kind enough to photograph pretty much everything for us.  Seriously. Here, here, and here  are all photos he’s taken of us.

Outdoor wedding photography

Outdoor wedding photography Outdoor wedding photography

Last week’s wishes

Take Gatsby on longer walks.  Yes! Only, not that long of walks.  It’s more like we do the half mile loop around the buildings as opposed to just out and back in.  Baby steps.

Catch up on blog reading.  Kinda. I let it get bad again, but then got it back to the 200-300 range.  Hopefully this week and I knock them all out.  I’m just glad it’s not in the 1000 range anymore.

This week’s wishes.

Take Gatsby on even longer walks.  I’ve gotten good at committing to the half mile loop, I think I can double it.  The biggest deterrent is there are a few big dogs that hang out on their patios/decks and they bark at Gatsby when we walk by.  Granted, Gatsby doesn’t bark back and just ignores them, but I’m sure the owners and neighbors don’t like hearing it.  I’ve somewhat learned what apartments have the annoying dogs, so I just try and avoid them.

Be in bed at 10 pm.  I need to be more ruthless about going to bed early.  I’m pretty good about lights out a little after 11, but the extra hour really does make a difference.

It’s another week of short and somewhat simple goals.  After keeping it short and sweet the past couple weeks, I’ve learned it really is the best way to have as successful week.

What do you have planned for this week?



Social Saturday #19

October 25, 2014

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Good morning everyone!  Nobody is having a better morning than Carl.  Yesterday he finally used the Best Buy gift card he’s been holding onto since last Christmas.  What did he buy? A 55″ TV.  He’s in heaven.  Our previous TV was 32″ and to have this one is mind blowing.  If I can manage to tear him away from football on his new prize possession, we’re getting wedding photos taken. Check out my Instagram if you want to keep up with the pretty pictures.

With that, its time for Social Saturday!

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Social Saturday

New to Social Saturday? It’s pretty much the rebel of all the link ups.  The purpose is to meet new bloggers and get some blog love, so go right ahead and comment on all the the links if you like, I’m not here to judge.  If you feel compelled to, you can link back to here or share a tweet or something. There’s no harm in spreading the word about this linkup.

My only request is that you link up real posts, not giveaways or only sponsored content. The point is to get know each other’s blogs, not get free promotion for your giveaway or sponsored post.  I understand sometimes those posts need the extra exposure, but just be mindful and don’t take advantage of the linkup.

Social Saturday!

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Home Decor: Vintage Ladders

October 24, 2014

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I made the most amazing purchase yesterday.  If not, then read the title of this post and you’re pretty much caught up.  (But for reals, you should follow me on Instagram, I have a cute dog.)  I have had this thing for vintage ladders for some time now.  Not years, but definitely a few months.  It mainly began when I started dreaming about actually having money and a home to decorate.

Flash forward to now where we have our real jobs, a nice home apartment…and no ladder.  What was I going to do with this ladder? I don’t know, that’s not the point.  But Pinterest showed me the possibilities I needed to explore them.

I never really told Carl I needed one, I just casually searched for one in every Goodwill and antique/thrift store we went into.  And then today happened.  An old dance friend of mine recently opened her own store full of thrifted and upcycled furniture and home decor.  (Rustic Chic Interiors, check it out.) She’s been sharing the latest items on their Facebook page.  What suddenly appeared in my newsfeed this morning? A picture of a vintage ladder.

Hell. Yes.

Long story short(er) the ladder in the picture pretty much sold immediately (because apparently the need for a vintage ladder is spreading like the flu (note I didn’t say Ebola)). And now this beautiful piece belongs to me.

Vintage Ladder

The store is located in Columbia, so I can’t quite bring it home yet, but we’ll pick it up during our next visit in November.  In the meantime I’m just going to be perusing Pinterest for every vintage ladder decor option ever photographed and blogged.  Here are a few of my favorites:


//  Via El Taller de lo Antiguo  //


//  Via Rusty Hinges  //


//  Via Garden Therapy  //


//  Via French Larkspur  //


//  Via Daisy Mae Belle  //

Aren’t they fabulous!? Sorry if I just ignited a desire for a ladder you never thought possible. How would you use a vintage ladder?

Hump Day Treats #8

October 22, 2014

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I spent all day Tuesday thinking I was late for posting Hump Day Treats. I’m not sure if it was a relief to know I wasn’t behind or a disappointment it was still only Tuesday.

This weekend Carl and I are having wedding photos taken and I’m SO excited.  We didn’t get a lot of pictures together on our actual wedding day (it was hot and I was hungry), so we’re getting more done without the stress of 100 people waiting to eat.  I’m also really excited for the South Carolina Auburn game.  South Carolina has been struggling this season, but we’re watching the game at our friends’ new home. They’re Auburn fans, so it might be rough, but I’m excited either way.

Let’s move on then to Hump Day Treats and make the week go by faster! (How this post makes the week go by faster, IDK, but hopefully it gives you some smiles.)

Hump Day Treats #8 | Pumpkin Planters from Oh Joy!

//  These pumpkin planters from Oh Joy! are adorable.  //

//  Carl wants our next dog to be a Great Dane, and considering we already have a 120 pound beast, I’m pushing for a corgi.  But this video of a jealous Great Dane has my heart wanting one. Be sure to watch the whole thing. (It’s a video from Facebook, so hopefully the link works.)

//  This man was given the first retinal prothesis and saw for the first time in 33 years. His smile and wife’s joy made me cry all the the tears.

//  Give some dudes too much time and too many (empty) beers and this is what you end up with.  Musical Genius.  Also, high five to the dude rocking the shakers.

//  Let’s just all give one big thank to you to Amanda for brightening our day with this post.

//  I’ve done serious work on my quilt for work.  I got the quilt top done and wrote this post with tips for making your first quilt.