The Man Behind The Blog: Meet Carl

July 22, 2014

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So it’s pretty clear the internet has been out to get me these past couple days.  I’ve had this post in the drafts for awhile because I couldn’t add photos.  Well, today it has a photo! I might have missed Weekly Wishes, but today you get to meet Carl!  I got the questions from Amanda at Notes From A Newlywed, she did this post a while ago and it was hilarious.  I’ve been saving it up for a rainy day (or no internet day I guess).

Meet Carl-the man behind Something Winnderful

Me: What is the name of my blog?
Him: I don’t know. Just kidding. Something Winnderful!………You’re writing exactly what I say?! You butt.

Me: What do I typically write about?
Him: *snort*laugh* uhm….God. Food? And Gatsy. And things people shouldn’t do in certain scenario’s.

Me: Anything else?

Him: *panicface* Healthy living….and setting goals for yourself! And asking questions of other people, like “what would you like to do in this scenario?”

Me: What’s a popular fashion item for women right now?
Him: What do you mean, like article of clothing or accessory?

Me: Either

Him: Uhm. Like among college bitches or the real world? (I laugh) I’m serious.

Me: At this point anything.

Him: Uhm. (mumbles) Something popular.

Me: We’re moving on, this is taking too long.

Me: Why do women go to the bathroom together?
Him: To gossip. And share secrets about how weird they really are, they just don’t want to tell anybody.

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
Him: I know you’re obsessed with it and you color coordinated it and it’s a bunch of stuff where you look at picture and “pin” them. And that’s it’s secretly created by a man so that women will learn how to cook, clean, and stay in shape.

Me: If you could have any job what would it be?
Him: Hmm…probably like, international, like, travel reviewer. You know? Where I like travel the world and write about how good everything was there and get paid to do it.

Me: What about me?
Him: Having the world’s most successful blog and maybe a non proft organization.

Me: What’s the best place to shop for women?
Him: Women, or my woman?

Me: Uh, both.

Him: Time out, you really want me to say it?

Me: Idk, answer and we’ll see.

Him: I was gonna and say for you and just the mall for other women.

Me: What does YOLO stand for?
Him: Friendship.

Me: YOLO stands for friendshp?

Him: What? Oh YOLO? I thought you said Yellow. YOLO is you only live once.

Me: What about OOTD?
Him: I’ve only known this two weeks, but outfit of the day!

Me: What is our favorite thing to do together?
Him: MarioKart/Eat

Me: What do I do when I’m home alone?
Him: Phh..oh God…play on your computer for hours, make Gatsby love you more than me and sleep, because I work nights.

Me: And what do you do when you’re home alone?
Him: BAhahha uhhh wow. Watch tv. Play on the computer. Sleep. Eat a lot of snacks.

Me: What is my favorite activity?
Him: Sleeping, haha. Ok, maybe not your favorite, but your most crucial. Getting out of this house probably. Hiking!

Me: What do women keep in their purse?
Him: Everything.

Me: What’s my favorite accessory?
Him: (Looks at me) I would say your earrings. And your damn wedding ring haha.

Me: What celebrity would you let me have a free pass with?
Him: Can I watch?

Me: Eh, that depends.

Him: On what?

Me: I don’t know. Just answer.

Him: If yes, then Emma Watson, if no, then I guess whoever your favorite is.

Me: That would be, hmm, probably Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Him: Joseph Gordon Levitt? Really?

Me: Yeah. Oooh or Ryan Reynolds.

Him: You don’t think he’s too much of a douche?

Me: No, I don’t think he is. He seems nice. And funny. And ripped.

Him: And obsessed with his own body, he would check himself out more than you.

Me: What celebrity would you like to have a free pass with?
Him: First off we’ve agreed I get more than one, and you already know.

Me: Emma Watson and Emma Stone?

Him: You know it.

Me: What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
Him: Pfft oh God. $10.

Me: What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a dress?
Him: $60

Me: What is your favorite trait about me, not physical?
Him: Your….(really long pause)….uhhhh…I’m trying to think of the word. Patience! Your patience with me.

Me: You had to think reeeeallly hard about that.

Him: Well, just because I thought of so many so I couldn’t pick one and then I thought about how to put up with me when I’m having a bad day and when I’m messing with you.

Me: Okay honey.

Me: What’s my favorite TV show?
Him: Uhm. South Park/anything on HGTV. Which is why I love you.

Me: Who is a current celebrity “it” couple?   
Him: I don’t wanna say…..ha.

Me: You gotta answer.

Him: Shoot me in the face. Sigh. Kanye and Kim, Kimye!

Me: Anything else you’d like to say?
Him: I love you and even though I tease you a lot and correct your grammar, I’m really proud of everything you do on your blog. I’m also really happy I’m going to be on it!

Me: Now you’re just sucking up to my readers.

Him: No I’m not.

Me: Ok honey.

Well…that’s my man haha.

Social Saturday #6

July 19, 2014

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Happy Saturday everyone! Enjoying the weekend?  Carl and I planned to go camping but it’s been raining since yesterday so we had to improvise.  Who says rains has to stop you from camping?  Right now I’m typing this post in my sister’s driveway so I can steal her internet because ours has been out since yesterday.  (It’s really enhanced our indoor camping experience.)  It’s a bit of a desperate measure, but today’s post is too important to skip.

Today is not only Social Saturday, but I have an announcement! I’m now offering a sponsorship spot for Social Saturdays! AND if you use promo code SocialSaturday you get 20% off the spot.  The sponsorship includes an interview style feature on a Social Saturday as well as a sidebar ad, social media love, AND membership to the private Winnderful Blogger’s Facebook group. SAY WHA?!? Yes. It’s pretty awesome.  I did a mini announcement for the spot yesterday and they are already filling, so go claim yours!

Without further ado, It’s time for this week’s Social Saturday linkup. The rebel of all the link ups.  The purpose is to meet new bloggers and get some blog love, so go right ahead and comment on all the the links if you like, I’m not here to judge.  If you feel compelled to, you can link back to here or share a tweet or something. There’s no harm in spreading the word about this linkup.

My only request is that you link up real posts, not giveaways or only sponsored content. The point is to get know each other’s blogs, not get free promotion for your giveaway or sponsored post.  I understand sometimes those posts need the extra exposure, but just be mindful and don’t take advantage of the linkup.

Let the friend making begin! (And the comments be ever in your favor)

Social Saturday

Social Saturday!

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The Number One Thing Every New Blogger Misses

July 17, 2014

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So, today I was going to write a great post about everything I learned from our visit with our Swedish friends….but I’m not.  I can’t get my pictures off my camera, and what’s the point of the post if you can’t even see pictures of them?  I’m devastated.  Not really.  But I’m not happy. So instead of a post about Swedes, I’m gonna post about blogging.  Get excited.

As I’ve progressed from a newbie blogger to a I-don’t-know-what-to-call-me blogger, I’ve noticed the biggest thing I missed as a new blogger.  And as I work with helping other bloggers be awesome, I’ve noticed it’s something they miss too.  So what is it they miss?

The power of time. (Read that in the voice of Morgan Freeman to really make it sink it.)

The one thing every new blogger misses

Sounds so epic right?  It’s not really that epic though.  A large amount of bloggers want the same thing when they first start out (or maybe just me).  You want ALL the followers, ALL the views, ALL the sponsorships and most definitely ALL of the money.

Guess what?

You can’t. (Don’t hate me.)

The truth is, very few bloggers start out and are immediately successful.  And those that are, generally have some sort of advantage, usually a degree in something blogging related (design, writing, communications), or maybe even know a bigger blogger that gives them free shoutouts.

Feeling impatient? Here’s why you should give blogging time.

It allows you to suck with a smaller audience.

You’re not going to be good at blogging when you first start.  You are going to write about things either nobody cares about, or things you don’t care about.  Your pictures are going to be terrible.  You will settle for a cheap free design because you don’t want to pay for anything yet.  All those things are okay.  You learn how to do all that stuff and once you have it figured out, you’ll get lots of new readers who wont know you ever tried to be a fitness blogger when you never exercise.  (That was me in case you didn’t know me when I sucked.)

It allows you to find your voice.

When you start a blog you have to find yourself.  It’s a very long, deep spiritual process.  Okay, so maybe it’s not, but you still have to figure out how you want to talk to people.  I got my degree in public relations, that means I was forced to write as plain, unbiased and straight forward as possible.  So when I started blogging I didn’t know how to make a long post.  I still struggle writing longer posts.  Getting the point across in less words is great, but it didn’t show my personality.  Take time and keep writing.  Settle in to what feels right, not what sounds good or sounds like that other blog you love to read.

Helps you figure out what you want to write about.

There’s writing what you want to write and writing what you think will be popular.  Neither of those is necessarily a good thing.  I’ve already admitted there was a time I thought I was going to be a health and fitness blogger.  Please, take a good long moment and laugh at me.  While I am on a journey to be healthy, I sure as heck am not going to write about my workouts (because there are none).  Don’t write about who you want to be, write about who you are.  If you hate cooking, don’t post recipes.  If doing a craft would kill you, don’t do it.  Just because everyone writes about it doesn’t mean you should too.  Write about your life in a way that will help people.  Just write in general.  Over time you will learn what you love writing about and what you absolutely hate.

Gives you time to figure out the whole photography thing.

Taking photos for your blog is HARD.  I can’t emphasize enough how important photos are and how difficult they are.  I hate it.  On top of that, not only do you need to learn how to take a non sucky photo, but how to make that photo “Pinterest friendly” and branded.  Learning how to take a great photo (or find great free photos) takes time, and then you have to figure out how to edit that photo for Pinterest and match your brand.  (I’m not even going to mention how important time is in figuring out your brand.)  For me, this is what has taken the longest time and is still something I struggle with.

Helps you make friends.

Making friends is hard.  Especially when you don’t actually see or talk to each other.  But making friends in the blogging world is incredibly important.  I mean, what’s the point of sharing your words with people if you don’t ever get any back?  You can’t just comment on a blog and be instant BFFs.  It takes time.  Keep writing and interacting with other bloggers.  Over time you’ll meet great people and have other bloggers to relate to.

Being patient is hard, but there are so many things in blogging that take time.  It’s more of a journey anyways and teaches whether or not blogging is something you truly want to do.  If you never made a dime from blogging and never cracked 100 followers, would you still want to do it? At the end of the day, blogging is about sharing information and meeting other people, all that fancy stuff will come in time.

What has taken you the longest to figure out with blogging?

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What Losing Power Taught Me + Weekly Wishes

July 14, 2014

So, we lost power last Thursday.  Not like the lights flickered for a bit, like, everything out for hours.  It was not fun.  We didn’t play charades by candlelight or put flashlights under our faces and tell ghost stories.  I spent 6 hours helpless and alone (Carl’s grandma was around, but I was mostly alone).  Let me tell you, you learn things when you don’t have power.  None of them have to do with how to turn the power back on.

One should DEFINITELY shower before the sun goes down.

You can’t accomplish any sort of blogging without a real computer and internet.  No post went live during The Great Blackout of 2014.  No post was even drafted.

A cellphone is the only connection to reality and entertainment, but battery life is limited.  Should I participate in a Twitter chat or conserve battery life? Hint: Totally did the Twitter chat.  It was my first one ever and I now know your phone is not the best tool for such things.

Watching the sun set is like watching your house slowly transform from a home to a set of a horror film.

I didn’t miss tv much at all.

The flashlight on my phone gives a room a nice “I’m about to be murdered” glow.

It gave me time to accomplish a goal for the week!

On that note, here’s my goals for this week and and update on last week’s.

Weekly wishes

Last week’s goals.

1.  Write a new resource post.  Done! Thank you Blackout 2014.  I wrote the ultimate guide to Pinterest for my Facebook group members. I also started a draft for an e-course.  (Because blogging tips and helping other bloggers is my jam.)

2.  Finish my editorial calendar.  Eh, no.  I did start it though.

3. Do an ab workout every morning.  Psh. I mean, do I really need to admit I didn’t do it, because I totally didn’t.  On top of not doing ab exercises, I ate burgers and and hot dogs and lots and lots of fast/restaurant food. I don’t even feel bad.  YOLO BITCHES. Just kidding, feel free to hate on me in the comment section for the yolo.  And the burgers. (But I wont feel bad for the food, I do apologize for the YOLO.)

4. Stay safe this weekend. I made it out alive! I survived a weekend of bachelorette partying and showing our Swedish friends how to live it up American style.

This week’s wishes.

1.  Be more intentional with my time.  I’ve done good at keeping my computer and phone away when I get to spend time with Carl, but when I am working on my laptop, I’m totally inefficient.  I need more to do lists and Pomodoro timers in my life.

2.  Get back on track with eating right.  I really don’t feel bad about not eating healthy last week, but I’m not gonna make a habit of it.

3.  Take a photo every day.  One of my goals for the year is to take more pictures.  Definitely not succeeding with it.   If I can’t manage to take one photo a day, I need to spice up my life.

4.  Not lie to myself about doing an ab workout every morning.  You know how you put things on your to do list just so you can mark it off?  Well there you go.

What’s your goals for the week? (Or what do you do when you lose power, I’m honestly much more interested in that.)


Social Saturday #5

July 12, 2014

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Welcome to another Social Saturday!  This week has been a doozy. I got a raise, treated myself to a new purse (and maybe a dress) and shared mistake EVERY blogger makes.  I also planned to share what life would be like if I went to Alt, but our power went out yesterday.  Like, not oh it’s flickering, like gone for the rest of the day.  It wasn’t so bad at first, but as the sun went down our house went from a home to the set of a horror film.  My only light was my phone flashlight, which, let me tell you, really gives a room this great “you’re about to be murdered” glow.

Fortunately I’ve made it to Saturday, the best day ever.  Why?  Because it’s time for this week’s Social Saturday linkup! The rebel of all the link ups.  The purpose is to meet new bloggers and get some blog love, so go right ahead and comment on all the the links if you like, I’m not here to judge.  If you feel compelled to, you can link back to here or share a tweet or something. There’s no harm in spreading the word about this linkup.

My only request is that you link up real posts, not giveaways or only sponsored content. The point is to get know each other’s blogs, not get free promotion for your giveaway or sponsored post.  I understand sometimes those posts need the extra exposure, but just be mindful and don’t take advantage of the linkup.

Without further ado, let the friend making begin!

Social Saturday

Social Saturday!

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