Our Guest Book Alternative

April 23, 2014

Less than three weeks until I get married! Eeeeeeeee!!!  It’s coming down to the final details of the wedding. We’ve had way more last minutes decisions than I ever thought we would.  I don’t understand why weddings are so much work, but I’m assuming it will all be worth it in the end.

One of the last minute details we had to decide on was our guest book.  I knew from the beginning I did not want an actual book.  How often do you think I would pull that thing off the shelf and read it?  I wanted something pretty and unique.  Thankfully Pinterest and Etsy were there to help me find a great guest book alternative.  I would like to introduce you to wonderfullness of paper hearts.

Guest book alternative

// By Cartes de Belleville //

Aren’t those hearts adorable? Those are our wedding colors too.  I decided I want guests to write on a heart as the guest book.  After the wedding and life isn’t crazy I plan on putting them in a frame.  (Yes we will have a note for guests to only write on one side of the hearts.)  Here’s an Etsy listing for hearts already in a frame:

Paper heart guest book alternative

// By Happy Mom Crafts //

I love the idea of having everyone’s name and messages on display as wall art.  It allows us to always be reminded of our wedding day and the support we have from our friends and family.  I also love the birds included in this frame and might have to include some whenever I create my piece.  Our cake toppers are birds so I think it’s fitting.  Right?

Did you have a nontraditional guest book at your wedding?


5 Reasons You Might Not Like Me

April 21, 2014

Here’s the thing.  I feel like with blogging it’s all about putting your best face forward.  You post the best pictures of yourself and share the awesome things you’ve done.  Nobody wants to hear about the bad stuff anyways, right? My thoughts are, I take some reeeeeeally ugly pictures a lot sometimes.  I also have a knack for making really crappy meals.  Is it weird that I kinda wanna throw my dirty laundry out there?

5 reasons you might not like me

1.  I’m messy.

Like, growing up there was no path from my door to my bed.  If you made it to my bed without breaking a leg, you would find half of my (twin sized) bed covered in books.  Being an adult has done wonders for my cleaning habits, and I LOVE an organized space, but doing the dishwasher is a struggle.  I also leave clothes everywhere.  Laundry does not get done nor does it get put away.

2.  I don’t like watching movies.

First let me say that I do enjoys movies.  There are just VERY few movies I will watch and completely focus on the entire time.  I need to multitask while watching a movie.  I feel like I’m wasting time by just sitting and staring at a screen for so long.  As you can imagine I rarely watch TV without doing anything else.

3.  I hate wine.

Is it sad I’m a little bit afraid to admit this?  I wish I could feel the way most women do about wine.  That picture everyone always posts with them relaxing with a glass of wine?  It’s never going to be posted by me.  I just can’t.  My first wine experience ended very poorly in college and if I didn’t fear my mother might see this I would tell you, but just know that wine and I will never be friends.

4.  My dog is my child and I will admit that to anyone anywhere with no shame.

Seriously.  Take a look at my Instagram if you don’t believe me.

5.  I can talk about Harry Potter for forever and I really will judge a person based on their feelings towards Harry Potter and Twilight.

I LOVE Harry Potter.  Almost as much as I love my dog and fiance.  If you aren’t a huge fan of HP, it’s ok, my fiance isn’t that into it either. It’s just so wonderful, I don’t know how you can’t be a fan.  The story is great, the characters are great, and there are so many female characters to look up to.  Perfection.

BONUS: There was a time in my life I thought the duck face was an appropriate (and sadly, attractive) face to make in pictures.

I shall allow the photo above as proof.

Did you read some of those things and think that we could never EVER get along?  I bet there were some things you read and actually related to.  As it turns out, what annoys that sh*t out of one person, doesn’t make a difference to another.  I think it’s one of the greatest things I’ve learned over the past few years. Your faults are not faults to everyone.

What faults of yours are favorites of others?


Weekend Reads 4.19

April 19, 2014

Hey there! Welcome to Weekend Reads! This is where I share my favorite reads of the week in hopes you have the same taste as me.  Hope you find these entertaining, have a great weekend!

Weekend Reads 4.19

//  I’m not sure I buy that the races in America will have melded together by 2050, but I think the article makes an interesting point of the increase in multiracial individuals.  Also, the future average American certainly is beautiful.

//  The Under The Red Dress project, as well as the SCAR Project, is shocking, brave and beautiful.  NOTE: This article does include several nude pictures.

//  This guy tried a Pure Barre class and lived to tell the tale in the most hilarious and honest way.

“What is wrong with you women? If this workout is what you think is required to have socially acceptable toned arms, tight butts and trim stomachs… I’d rather go a month without food. That would be preferable to the near hour I spent pumping my hips up and down as both my shoulders and quadriceps quivered uncontrollably as I constantly fought the near overwhelming urge to toss a noose around the Barre bar and end it all.”

//  I’ve been loving Amber’s Spring Cleaning series on her blog, And Yes To Joy.  Her post this week on cleaning out your social media is a great reminder of all the little things we forget to do.

//  Haven’t done any decorating for Easter?  This post from Paper & Stitch has literally the easiest way to decorate eggs and still looks fabulous.

//  Roo of Neon Fresh doesn’t do the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Santa and I LOVE her very non offensive way of explaining why.  I also don’t intend to do the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy (if Carl with let me) and I don’t want to make to big a deal of Santa either.

//  I’ve been on the search for a white dress to wear after the wedding and this is what I went with. Thoughts?  I need to share a picture of me in it because I’m amaze at how much different it looks on me than on the model.

How To Support A Fellow Blogger

April 17, 2014

I’m constantly amazed at the community blogging creates.  I was really thinking about it the other day and it’s amazing at the individuals I’m been able to get to know and the joy it’s brought me.  I still get big smiles when I get a new blog comment or retweet and I definitely feel like high fiveing (fiving?) someone when I get a new follower.  Today I wanted to share a few ways to show thanks for the support bloggers give.  Supporting other blogs is such an important part of blogging, even if your support goes unnoticed.  It’s good blogging karma, the more love you send out into the blog world, the more you get back.

How to support a fellow blogger

Leave a comment on their post.

This is kind of a duh thing to say.  Every blogger knows the importance of leaving comments on other blogs. However, sometimes we get in the habit of being backseat readers.  I’m 100% guilting of reading a blog religiously and never leaving a comment.  Even if you feel leaving your comment will go unnoticed, it’s worth doing.

On the other hand, don’t be that annoying commenter.  If you leave a comment, make sure it relates to the post.  Just like the content you publish, make sure it has a purpose.  Also, don’t leave a link to your blog.  Your comment is most likely already connected to your blog and it’s incredibly spammy.

Retweet their post.

Social media is also another obvious way to support a blogger.  You can simply retweet one of their tweets or you can take it up a notch.  Tweet about it directly from you account.  Pin it to Pinterest.  Use it in a link roundup post.  You establish authority from what you share with the public.  Sharing content that supports your brand is a win for both you and the other blogger.

Click on their sponsor ads.

Seriously. Go to a blog right now and click on all the sidebar ads.  I can tell you it is stressful to have sidebar ads and nobody clicking them.  When bloggers have sponsors they want to send them all the views in the world, but at the end of the day they can’t make you click on them.  So go click on them! You’ll be supporting multiple bloggers and maybe finding your new favorite blog crush.  (I know I’m not the only one with blog crushes.)

Let them know about any mistakes or typos.

I know. It’s really awkward to send a person you don’t know a “sorry, but you misspelled awkward on your photo” email. I know it’s awkward to receive it too.  Yes, I have misspelled awkward on a photo before, it took over two months before someone pointed it out.  Facepalm.  As bloggers we have a reputation to keep.  We want to produce quality content for our readers and we want said readers to believe that we do in fact know how to spell basic english.  As long as you’re nice about it, every blogger will be thankful to know something on their blog needs correcting.

Click their affiliate links.

Many bloggers are affiliates to certain companies and get a cut every time someone goes through their link and makes a purchase.  Amazon is one of the big affiliate companies bloggers are a part of and they can get commission off anything you buy as long as you went to Amazon through their affiliate link.  If you click their link to the camera they bought but end up buying a fridge, they can get a cut of that.  Blogging costs money, why not help a blogger make a little money back by clicking through their link for purchases?

What’s your favorite way to support a fellow blogger?


Initial Bridesmaid Totes

April 16, 2014

// This post was sponsored by Fabric Editions in support of the launch of their new fabric line, Fabric Loft, in Target stores. Yes, TARGET! I was given the material to use for this post but the craft and words are all me. //

It’s Wedding Wednesday! The wedding is less than a month away and it’s time to get all the last minutes tasks out of the way.  That means actually doing all those crafts I thought were great ideas months ago when I had all the time in the world.  The first craft I decided to do was initial bridesmaid totes for my girls. The last thing I want to do is pay 20+ dollars for a tote bag, so I decided personalizing canvas bags myself would be the best route.  Surprisingly, it turned out well. I was even lucky enough to get fabric from Fabric Editions to use.

Initial bridemaid totes supplies


  • Canvas bags
  • Material
  • Stencils (store bought or printed out)
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pen or pencil

First make sure you wash your bags and material, you don’t want to put the two together and then have them shrink weird in the wash.  Once they are washed be sure to iron them as well.

Using your store bought or home made stencils, draw your letters on the back of the material. Be sure to flip your letter backwards to stencil it so it will be facing the right way when you apply it to the bag.

Cut out your letters and arrange on the bag accordingly.  I flipped part of the letter over to apply glue and press it down, then did the same for the rest of the letter. That was the best way to ensure I didn’t apply the letters weird.

Let dry and you are all done! I also added a bow to make it a little more fancy.  I bought several things to go into the bags but in the picture I included the stationary and notebook.

Bridesmaid bag

So is anyone else as pumped as I am that Target is finally starting to sell fabric?! They are doing a small launch in several stores across the country and you can visit their site to find one close to you.  If the fabric is not sold in a Target near you, there is a link to share that you want it in your store.  The more people that say they want the fabric, the faster Target can start adding them.

Here are two of the three lines they have available in the Fabric Loft collection.

MotleyGrouping VogueGrouping

Interested in learning more about Fabric Editions and their other lines? Check their links below!

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